A judge in Ohio has indefinitely delayed the murder trial of an 18-year-old charged in the school shooting deaths of three students.
11:29 AM Jan 7, 2013
Ohio's attorney general is highlighting a drop in the time it takes the state's crime lab to process evidence.
9:12 AM Jan 7, 2013
Everybody loves French onion soup, and with good reason. Caramelized onions swimming in a rich beef broth flavored with a splash of red wine or brandy and topped with broiled Gruyere cheese? Every warm, gooey mouthful lights up your taste buds like a pinball machine. It's exactly what you want on a cold winter's night.
8:12 AM Jan 7, 2013
The local public transportation system recently enacted a great deal on wheels, costing less than a gallon of gas or a Big Mac combo meal.
8:00 AM Jan 7, 2013
The next leader of the Ohio Senate is restructuring the legislative panels that hear testimony and debate bills as lawmakers begin work on the next two-year budget.
6:04 AM Jan 7, 2013
In 1974, 15-year-old Roberta Francis was raped, beaten and killed on her way home from school in Columbus.
5:01 AM Jan 7, 2013
Two drivers were injured Sunday morning in a crash on U.S. 20 at Ohio 51 in Sandusky County.
7:57 PM Jan 6, 2013
An unapologetic Wakeman woman admitted she pawned her mother’s anniversary ring to buy cocaine on New Year’s Eve.
4:03 PM Jan 6, 2013
Gym owners expect to see an influx of new memberships each January, as people take the step to keep well-intended New Year's resolutions.
3:00 PM Jan 6, 2013
A group of General Motors workers in northeast Ohio who say they were wrongly hit with a pay cut can move forward with a lawsuit against the automaker and the United Auto Workers.
1:21 PM Jan 6, 2013
A year ago, Sandusky commissioners assured residents they found a new leader, experienced and ready for the top spot.
11:08 AM Jan 6, 2013

A column today by the Plain Dealer's Mark Naymik is a refreshing change of pace for Ohio's largest newspaper and has some parallels to the story in today's Sunday Register about the state of Sandusky's government.

Here's an excerpt from Naymik's column: 

10:21 AM Jan 6, 2013
The Food and Drug Administration on Friday proposed the most sweeping food safety rules in decades, requiring farmers and food companies to be more vigilant in the wake of deadly outbreaks in peanuts, cantaloupe and leafy greens.
9:02 AM Jan 6, 2013

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Sunday Register: We're hopeful enrollment in the Firelands College government leadership academy exceeds expectations and that every local government will send at least one representative to learn more about how to make our

8:09 AM Jan 6, 2013