The Ohio Association of Realtors released figures Monday showing that February home sales rose 8.4 percent in the Firelands Association of Realtors area, from 107 homes to 116 homes, compared to February 2010.
7:07 AM Mar 22, 2011
The man accused of fatally shooting Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn faces a charge of aggravated murder as he recovers in the hospital.
5:31 PM Mar 21, 2011
(UPDATED AT 5:03 P.M.) Ohio's prisons director says if the state doesn't sell five prisons, multiple prisons would likely have to close, inmates would be shipped out of state and thousands of employees would be laid off.
5:02 PM Mar 21, 2011
(UPDATED AT 9:30 A.M.) Ever since it opened in 1955, the Ohio Turnpike has been run by the state.
4:52 PM Mar 21, 2011
Libya's rebels scrambled to try to exploit international strikes on Moammar Gadhafi's forces and go on the offensive, as some of the opposition's ragtag citizen-fighters charged ahead to fight troops besieging a rebel city Monday.
3:55 PM Mar 21, 2011
Registered nurse Julie Etherington, 48, of Castalia says she's found there's no place she would rather work as a nurse than in the emergency room.
12:30 PM Mar 21, 2011
Q: Hi Jason, Is there a fund set up to donate to Officer Andy Dunn's family? if so, how do I go about making that donation? God bless. - Ray on Scott Street
12:22 PM Mar 21, 2011
A strip-club owner who thought one of his patrons was photographing his employees apparently decided to take matters into his own hands.
10:39 AM Mar 21, 2011
(UPDATED AT 10:02 A.M.) Former Cleveland Browns running back Jamal Lewis, who already has bought a failed water park in Columbus, apparently wants to buy Maui Sands, too.
10:01 AM Mar 21, 2011
The toll of Japan's triple disaster came into clearer focus Monday after police estimates showed more than 18,000 people died, the World Bank said rebuilding may cost $235 billion and more cases of radiation-tainted vegetables and tap water turned up.
9:08 AM Mar 21, 2011
In the coming weeks, city commissioners plan to apply for Safe Route to Schools funding -- a state initiative aimed at building and improving paths leading to city schools.
8:08 AM Mar 21, 2011
Over on George Mason's bench, a few players were mocking Jared Sullinger, Ohio State's fleshy freshman who was frustrated and fuming.
6:07 AM Mar 21, 2011
The phrase "stop, drop and roll" is drilled into most children from the moment they can speak.
3:34 PM Mar 20, 2011
A Willard man was seriously hurt after he lost control and veered off the road Friday night.
3:19 PM Mar 20, 2011
The Safety Council of Northwest Ohio is honoring a team of first responders who tried to save the lives of three boys last year who fell through the ice and into the Sandusky River.
11:09 AM Mar 20, 2011