Gov. John Kasich to set work requirement for able-bodied adults without children.
6:00 AM Sep 8, 2013
Ohio tries to identify deadly dog illness.
8:00 PM Sep 7, 2013
It’s been an exhilarating month visiting some of the finest craft beer establishments in the Firelands area.  I’ve not only met some amazing people, but I’ve also drank some amazing beer!  I enjoyed it so much I thought to myself “why not do it all over again?”  I mean, who has only ever eaten at...
6:40 PM Sep 7, 2013
Huron Schools is looking forward, not back.
6:15 PM Sep 7, 2013
Young Indians fan returns to get home run balls.
6:00 PM Sep 7, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners have agreed to spend about $305,000 this year to finish paying off various vehicle replacements and infrastructure improvements.
5:19 PM Sep 7, 2013
With five years to plan, what do you think the celebration should include?
4:11 PM Sep 7, 2013
Links to coverage from our area's Friday night football games.
4:08 PM Sep 7, 2013
Bare naked ladies, and gents, help raise funds for Serving Our Seniors
3:31 PM Sep 7, 2013
Proceeds to benefit Briar Middle School student and Perkins High School family.
3:24 PM Sep 7, 2013

Dick Brady was our guest this week on Between the Lines to talk about his campaign to be a commissioner for the second time for the city of Sandusky. Sandusky Register reporter Alissa Widman was also our guest to talk about what to expect with the upcoming school board candidates.

3:23 PM Sep 7, 2013
Workshop is today from 4 to 7 p.m.
3:21 PM Sep 7, 2013
The Cleveland Browns entered this week relatively healthy.
3:21 PM Sep 7, 2013
Apparently, planes landing at small, public airports are not immune to those annoying fees plaguing commercial aviation.
2:59 PM Sep 7, 2013
Suspect captured on tapes at Sandusky, two other stores.
2:20 PM Sep 7, 2013