Four Sandusky residents were arrested Tuesday for their alleged roles in a brazen assault one victim described as unbelievable and "cartoon-like.'
11:59 PM Dec 8, 2011
A leading Republican in the Ohio House has introduced a plan to avoid holding two primaries in the key presidential battleground state.
7:23 PM Dec 8, 2011
Sarah Weber and Andy Ouriel sit down to talk about the 2012 local election field following the Wednesday filing deadline.
7:17 PM Dec 8, 2011
The Register is once again asking readers to help choose the Top 10 stories of the year.
6:58 PM Dec 8, 2011
This week on Five Points with Emil and Andy, the guys talk about last minute holiday shopping, presidential infidelity and some good Samaritans who saved an elderly man from a fire.
6:56 PM Dec 8, 2011

I borrowed an electronic book from the Sandusky Library the other day, and the experience was so easy I thought I'd talk about it here.

5:49 PM Dec 8, 2011
A carload of homegrown 20-somethings stopped Wednesday morning and alerted a 93-year-old man that his Sherman Street home was on fire.
4:38 PM Dec 8, 2011
A man killed a police officer and another person after a traffic stop Thursday at Virginia Tech, sending a shudder through campus as students and faculty were told to stay inside and police searched for the gunman, school officials said.
3:35 PM Dec 8, 2011
Dennis Murray says he won't run for a third term, an announcement that has set the stage for a curious battle between a veteran politician - Chris Redfern - and a college student who lives in Huron.
2:09 PM Dec 8, 2011
Troopers pulling over a New York driver on the Ohio Turnpike confiscated 17 pounds of heroin in what authorities say is the largest heroin seizure in the Highway Patrol's history.
2:01 PM Dec 8, 2011
The operator of a nuclear reactor where cracks were discovered in the plant's concrete shell told The Associated Press on Wednesday it alerted regulators last month to more cracks found near the top of the structure.
2:00 PM Dec 8, 2011
Ohio nursing homes have slashed thousands of jobs amid recent cuts in federal and state government funding, according to industry surveys. Advocates warn that patient care will worsen as there are fewer workers to tend to them, but the state says more patients are moving to home-based care, an area where jobs are opening up.
1:09 PM Dec 8, 2011
The Fremont Police Detective bureau is asking for help as they try to determine who took six vehicles off the Al Bauman Car Dealership parking lot early Tuesday morning.
11:23 AM Dec 8, 2011
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has submitted a plan to the U.S. EPA to reduce levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the state's water.
11:00 AM Dec 8, 2011
State officials provided Sandusky with the Auditor of the State Award after concluding the city spends finances prudently.
8:00 AM Dec 8, 2011