A drunken man sustained serious injuries Sunday after his Chevrolet Silverado rolled off a Margaretta Township road.
7:49 PM Oct 15, 2013
Invest now for financial security.
7:48 PM Oct 15, 2013
A Sandusky man was arrested early Monday morning after he allegedly assaulted two hospital employees and fled the building.
6:48 PM Oct 15, 2013
"Two-mom" approach lets female same-sex couples share the biological role of making a baby
6:00 PM Oct 15, 2013

As you drive around town, you've probably noticed Dennis Murray Jr.'s campaign signs for his race for the city commission, featuring the number "2018" prominently displayed. 

5:23 PM Oct 15, 2013
Clear skies could be ahead for the contentious commissioners of Erie and Ottawa counties, as they aim to settle an ongoing funding dispute.
4:44 PM Oct 15, 2013
An Erie County grand jury secretly indicted a Cleveland-area man earlier this month on allegations he raped a girl years ago on Kelleys Island.
4:37 PM Oct 15, 2013
Sandusky Rollergirls host Halloween invitational.
3:10 PM Oct 15, 2013
Meeting Wednesday at the Huron Public Library.
3:06 PM Oct 15, 2013

There is a fun children’s book entitled “Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport” by Marjorie Sharmat.  The book is a discussion between two little boys, each of whom is moving across the country.

3:00 PM Oct 15, 2013
A Sandusky woman was arrested on multiple charges Sunday afternoon for allegedly fighting officers and endangering her two small children in the process.
2:54 PM Oct 15, 2013
All those bloodstained monsters roaming around in a field near Ohio 2 and Ohio 60 apparently have their hearts in the right place, even if they’re missing a couple of limbs or a few scruples.
2:43 PM Oct 15, 2013
Administrators at a Sandusky County homeless shelter hope their agency will garner enough votes to win a Toyota Highlander to help residents.
2:31 PM Oct 15, 2013

It would be naive for anyone to believe our region is not impacted by gangs, drug dealers and others involved in criminal behavior. All one has to do is read the daily police blotters from communities throughout the area published in the Register to affirm that. 

2:04 PM Oct 15, 2013