This week, I experienced what might be considered my first physical “setback” of the competition.  I made it to the gym again six days this week, working with Patrick on two of those days.  On Thursday, we worked on a couple of the cable machines that I had not used as of this time.

12:30 PM Mar 27, 2012

I had to go clothes shopping this past weekend! I was at the Disability Fair at the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities and commented to a friend that I just realized my pants were really baggy. 

12:26 PM Mar 27, 2012

This past week was rough; I came done with the flu.  I only worked out at the gym two days for the whole week.  My diet was very horrible; only thing I ate was soup, and I drank a lot of water.  I was so weak and all I could do was sleep. 

12:21 PM Mar 27, 2012
Federal judges in Cincinnati have rejected claims by "Joe the Plumber" that his constitutional rights were violated by a state records search allegedly done in retaliation for his voicing public concern over taxes to then-candidate Barack Obama.
11:25 AM Mar 27, 2012
A resident at Monday's city commission meeting asked city officials to determine why former Officer Jody Showalter wasn't charged for allegedly getting into a scuffle with other off-duty officers March 18 in downtown Sandusky.
11:20 AM Mar 27, 2012
We hit the streets to ask residents what they thought the city should name the west-end overpass.
11:19 AM Mar 27, 2012
The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning from 10 p.m. Monday to 10 a.m. Tuesday.
11:18 AM Mar 27, 2012
Sandusky police arrested two men who threatened to shoot a 53-year-old man Sunday morning during an argument at a West Madison Street home, according to a police report.
8:30 AM Mar 27, 2012
Firefighters found the bodies of two people Monday in the smoldering remains of an apartment building at a complex that has been plagued by fires.
6:00 AM Mar 27, 2012
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources' wildlife division is asking Ohio sportsmen to participate in a new online survey.
6:43 PM Mar 26, 2012
As demonstrations swirled outside, Supreme Court justices signaled on Monday they are ready to confront without delay the keep-or-kill questions at the heart of challenges to President Barack Obama's historic health care overhaul. Virtually every American will be affected by the outcome, due this summer in the heat of the election campaign.
4:45 PM Mar 26, 2012
Federal safety regulators have begun investigating buses made by Motor Coach Industries Inc. over the past 20 years because the drive shafts can fall out and cause drivers to lose control.
4:25 PM Mar 26, 2012
Asparagus is rising from the ground because of Michigan's extraordinarily warm weather, a condition that could eventually ruin the crop due to a lack of labor and inevitable frost.
4:16 PM Mar 26, 2012