Authorities say someone apparently set fire to an historic covered bridge in central Ohio, causing about $20,000 in damage to a structure that's more than 130 years old.
8:05 PM Jan 16, 2013
Groups hoping to avert stricter regulations are encouraging Ohio farmers to voluntarily reduce nutrient runoff that's been partly blamed for algae hurting water quality in several lakes.
6:04 PM Jan 16, 2013
Enjoy a weekend of beer, brides, music, dance, and comedy, both light and dark, with our Top Five picks.
5:45 PM Jan 16, 2013

This week on Between the Lines, Erie County Commissioner Pat Shenigo joins Matt Westerhold to talk about local government issues.

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4:39 PM Jan 16, 2013
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $48,460 grant to enhance wetlands education opportunities associated with the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Association. It was one of nine grants awarded statewide for $350,000 from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund.
4:02 PM Jan 16, 2013
Perkins police are searching for a man who tried to steal money from a safe Monday afternoon at a bar in the Sandusky Mall.
4:00 PM Jan 16, 2013

Q: Two years ago I met this guy and I had an instant connection with him. We met at a New Year’s party that I was forced to go to as I was upset over my ex. When I got there he was the first person to greet me. I had seen him before and we both could never keep our eyes off each other.

3:01 PM Jan 16, 2013
Two capital murder trials scheduled for 2013 could cost local taxpayers up to $600,000.
2:01 PM Jan 16, 2013
The Ohio Board of Education has approved the state's first policy on how educators seclude and physically restrain students in schools, a measure meant to ensure those tactics aren't used for a child's punishment or for the convenience of frustrated staff.
1:01 PM Jan 16, 2013

This week on the NorthNW blog, local birders report seeing plenty of gull action along Lake Erie in Erie County.

11:09 AM Jan 16, 2013
How bad is this flu season, exactly? Look to the children.
9:01 AM Jan 16, 2013
The Mid-America Boat Show returns this week to the IX Center at Cleveland Hopkins Center, with exhibits from dozens of Erie County and Ottawa County businesses.
8:03 AM Jan 16, 2013