Friday marked the official end of the decades-long Greenway battle. Property owners and Erie MetroParks dotted the i's and crossed the t's on agreements calling for the park district to hand back Greenway land to property owners.
8:00 AM Dec 17, 2011
More schoolchildren than ever are taking their classes online, using technology to avoid long commutes to school, add courses they wouldn't otherwise be able to take - and save their school districts money.
6:00 AM Dec 17, 2011
Local tourism officials hope Sandusky will be as popular in December as it was in July.
5:00 AM Dec 17, 2011
With a little help from the new Perkins police dog, Huron officers on Dec. 9 seized a loaded revolver and a heap of drugs during a traffic stop.
9:30 PM Dec 16, 2011
Part of a deck of a parking garage for a new Cleveland casino has collapsed.
6:43 PM Dec 16, 2011
The union-backed group that successfully fought to defeat Ohio's contentious collective bargaining law spent more than $29 million in the fall ballot campaign.
5:55 PM Dec 16, 2011
Adrienne Gourmet Foods executives and city officials signed a pact to sweeten area employment opportunities this week through a city-funded economic development loan.
5:15 PM Dec 16, 2011
It's all but over.
4:18 PM Dec 16, 2011
Nine states won a collective $500 million Friday from the federal government to help make pre-K and other early learning programs more accessible and better capable of narrowing the achievement gap between those who start kindergarten without any formal schooling and those who do.
4:05 PM Dec 16, 2011
When a woman called police in July to report former Erie County Jobs and Family Services director Aaron Voltz raped her, the Huron Police Department responded.
3:15 PM Dec 16, 2011
Readers have overwhelmingly chosen the line-of-duty murder of officer Andrew Dunn as the top story of 2011. Now readers will have the opportunity to vote again for the remaining top stories.
12:07 PM Dec 16, 2011
A well-preserved 2,000-year-old scroll of the Ten Commandments discovered in a cave is going on display in the city for the first time beginning Friday.
10:51 AM Dec 16, 2011
During an unseasonable rainstorm Thursday a full size pickup truck driven by a Huron woman rolled down a ditch and lodged in a swamp off the east edge of Cedar Point Road.
10:48 AM Dec 16, 2011
The Ohio Lake Erie Commission has approved five Lake Erie Protection Fund grant awards, including one grant to the Erie County Health Department.
10:47 AM Dec 16, 2011
Huron residents turned out in droves Thursday night as a demolitions expert explained how his crews will use dynamite on Jan. 8 to demolish the vacant ConAgra facility.
9:00 AM Dec 16, 2011