Some Huron youngsters will turn personal survival techniques into a community-wide service later this year.
11:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
Two hundred years ago, British soldiers and their Native American allies attacked Ohio by land and sea. Officials are hoping for an even bigger invasion of unarmed tourists, as celebrations of Ohio’s role in the War of 1812 heat up during the next few weeks
10:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
This weekend has a couple 5k races as part of bigger festivals in the area. The annual Huron Riverfest hosts a 5k this Saturday morning (Click on the race below for more information). And a new 5k will make its debut as part of the Warrior Fest in Port Clinton. The Bay Bridge 5k (link below) will...
9:30 AM Jul 11, 2013
Bush nudges GOP on immigration as lawmakers meet
9:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
An Erie County grand jury returned a slew of indictments this week, most of them drug charges.
8:39 AM Jul 11, 2013
Q: I recently saw hemp milk in the grocery store. What is hemp milk? A: Hemp ‘milk’ is a beverage that is made by blending hemp seeds in water and then filtering the liquid from the solids, much like how almond milk is made, according to Angela Brickner, registered nurse at Firelands. It has a...
8:35 AM Jul 11, 2013
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Sandusky Police


July 9, 2013

3:54 p.m. — 1600 block Buchanan St., man requested “vandalism” incident documented; officers found bird droppings on front door.


7:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
The defeat of a student loan bill in the Senate on Wednesday clears the way for fresh negotiations to restore lower rates, but lawmakers are racing the clock before millions of students return to campus next month to find borrowing terms twice as high as when school let out.
6:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
Many roads closed throughout Erie County and region
10:34 PM Jul 10, 2013
Test will help with development of future combat drones
8:00 PM Jul 10, 2013
A hilarious musical is set to take the stage at the Ritz Theatre in Tiffin and you definitely don't want to miss it.
7:20 PM Jul 10, 2013
Railway company says employee set brakes improperly
6:00 PM Jul 10, 2013