A McDonald's employee in New London must get a series of rabies shots after a dog bit her as she handed food to a customer.
3:00 PM Sep 3, 2011
A Huron County deputy may have been talking on his cell phone when he ran a stop sign Thursday evening and crashed into a truck hauling a camper, authorities said.
1:00 PM Sep 3, 2011
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11:00 AM Sep 3, 2011
A former Chinese restaurant site in Sandusky Plaza has become the new home of the Krunchie Pickle Deli.
9:00 AM Sep 3, 2011
The number of traffic tickets in Ohio dropped 13 percent over four years, a newspaper reported Friday - a drop that law enforcement officials say reflects police department cuts and possibly the increased social stigma associated with drunken driving.
6:00 AM Sep 3, 2011
Sandusky police say they're trying to verify a Harrison Street man's report four masked men barged into his home Wednesday night and robbed him at gunpoint. Howard Ransom, 70, told officers the masked robbers busted through the front door of his home, in the 1400 block of Harrison St., at about 9:45 p.m.
5:00 AM Sep 3, 2011
A $10 million water park expansion opening next year at a Kings Island amusement park will more than double the size of the current water park to 33 acres.
6:17 PM Sep 2, 2011
Firelands Regional Medical Center's name will be on more than just the hospital for years to come.
5:59 PM Sep 2, 2011
A 6-year-old boy injured in a crash on Strub Road shortly after 3:30 p.m. Wednesday has died.
5:06 PM Sep 2, 2011
When the state's "elite' criminal investigation agency botches a probe as badly as the Ohio Bureau of Investigation (BCI) did in the killing of 26-year-old Bryan Jones, residents should know already, then, beyond any reasonable doubt, the agency is incompetent to its task.
5:01 PM Sep 2, 2011
The Indianapolis Colts have hired former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel as a game-day consultant.
4:35 PM Sep 2, 2011
John Henderson couldn't take it any longer. He put down his half-eaten Whopper, got up from his seat inside Burger King on West Perkins Avenue and sauntered outside.
4:28 PM Sep 2, 2011
Want to find out what's going on Today by the Bay? Watch as Jason Werling and Sarah Weber talk about the weather, birthdays on the North Coast.
3:35 PM Sep 2, 2011
A Huron County Sheriff's deputy was in stable condition at a Toledo hospital late Thursday, just hours after a two-vehicle crash in Norwich Township, authorities said.
3:30 PM Sep 2, 2011
The Ohio State Highway Patrol is warning drivers to not get behind the wheel impaired this Labor Day weekend.
12:59 PM Sep 2, 2011