With subpoenas at the ready and depositions on the horizon, answers seem to be just around the corner for the family of a dead Castalia man.
12:37 PM Nov 1, 2012

How many trick-or-treats have you been to so far this year? How many more to go?

12:32 PM Nov 1, 2012

The McQuinns are an elderly couple who have lived in their $179,000 home since purchasing it in 2005, financing $143,000 of the purchase price. Unfortunately the “perfect storm” developed which made it impossible for them to keep up with their $1,300 per month payments.

11:01 AM Nov 1, 2012
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says water levels on Lakes Michigan and Huron are nearly at record low levels because of drought and evaporation.
9:03 AM Nov 1, 2012
An armed, Xanax-addled Vickery man snatched up several packs of cigarettes and headed for the door but an off-duty police officer blocked his way early Tuesday morning at the Walmart on Milan Road.
8:00 AM Nov 1, 2012
You've seen them on the grocery store shelves and perhaps even read about the benefits of plant-based milks in health magazines. Are you ready to give them a try? Here is a break down to help you chose a healthy dairy alternative.
7:44 AM Nov 1, 2012
There are seemingly no similarities between Huron and Karamay, a major city in China.
5:00 AM Nov 1, 2012
New Haven police say superstorm Sandy has revealed a skeleton beneath the town green that may have been there since Colonial times.
8:20 PM Oct 31, 2012
A Massachusetts fisherman has caught a creepy-looking lobster that's colored to match Halloween.
7:01 PM Oct 31, 2012
Travelers stranded by Hurricane Sandy are seeing service slowly restored across the Northeast. But it'll be days before things are close to normal.
6:00 PM Oct 31, 2012

Q: I don't want to have any regrets in life. Will I regret breaking up with my boyfriend now that I’m in college? We've been together four years but we're both so young and there is so much we both want to do with our lives.

3:01 PM Oct 31, 2012