Washington, Colorado adapt to legalization of marijuana.
9:00 AM Mar 27, 2013
Fifty years ago
8:30 AM Mar 27, 2013
A drunken Sandusky man pleaded, but police took away the romance despite his pleas on Sunday in a Cleveland Road parking lot.
8:00 AM Mar 27, 2013
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6:30 AM Mar 27, 2013
Nation's high court tackles hot topic.
6:00 AM Mar 27, 2013
Senator Sherrod Brown celebrates GateKeeper, unions
5:00 AM Mar 27, 2013
Firefighters snuff flames in minutes; cause undetermined
10:50 PM Mar 26, 2013
Bicycle tracks in the snow betrayed a Sandusky man after a fight with his 80-year-old grandmother Monday on Judy Lane.
8:55 PM Mar 26, 2013

"News" comes from anywhere and everywhere these days.

Maybe a better word for it is information.

Early today, several of my friends changed their profile pictures on Facebook to a red background with a pink equal sign, and my curiosity piqued. Perhaps you saw it, too.

4:58 PM Mar 26, 2013
A 26-year-old man used a ninja sword to stab his brother in the leg during an argument Sunday morning, according to a Sandusky County deputy’s report.
4:08 PM Mar 26, 2013
A Perkins man wasn't lying when he said an Erie County snow plow smashed his mailbox Monday in the 3500 block of Campbell Street.
1:21 PM Mar 26, 2013
In honor of our 19th president, the Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont will continue their annual egg roll for children 3-10 years old this Saturday. “It’s a fun, family friendly event that is enjoyed by all ages,” said Nancy Kleinhenz.
1:00 PM Mar 26, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners on Monday unanimously approved a $16 million budget for 2013, ignoring concerns posed by the board’s own finance committee.
12:59 PM Mar 26, 2013
The CBS show, daytime’s top-rated soap since December 1988, hits the big 4-0 today.
11:30 AM Mar 26, 2013