Are you uninsured or underinsured and looking for proper medical coverage?
7:07 AM Mar 4, 2011
With barely a whimper of the protests that have convulsed Wisconsin, legislation to curb public employee unions is speeding toward passage in Ohio, an even bigger labor stronghold.
10:23 PM Mar 3, 2011
(UPDATED AT 5:47 P.M.) Fewer teens and young adults are having sex, a government survey shows, and theories abound for why they're doing it less.
5:47 PM Mar 3, 2011
(UPDATED AT 4:53 P.M.) The job market suddenly looks brighter, as the number of people filing for unemployment benefits plunged last week to its lowest point in nearly three years, and retailers and other service companies posted strong results Thursday for last month.
4:52 PM Mar 3, 2011
Stocks jumped higher Thursday after an unexpected drop in new applications for unemployment benefits and higher February sales reports from retailers.
3:03 PM Mar 3, 2011
(UPDATED AT 2:50 P.M.) Cedar Point will host auditions and interviews Friday for live performers and technicians for this summer's live shows.
2:51 PM Mar 3, 2011

I grew up listening to my grandma tell her stories of being a WAC in the U.S. Army during World War II and how she served with then General Eisenhower. She would go to reunions every so often with all of her fellow women soldiers. They were the first women to serve in a war.

1:17 PM Mar 3, 2011
What's going on at the old Shifters by the Harley dealership on Milan Road. They tore it down. Is something else going in there? - Jim in Milan
11:47 AM Mar 3, 2011
A new report finds that in five years Ohio has made no major headway in the fight against childhood obesity. Erie County is particularly bad, with 40 percent of third graders considered obese.
11:31 AM Mar 3, 2011
The Erie County Humane Society's board members say they want to listen. That's probably a good thing, because the board's critics want to continue speaking out.
10:35 AM Mar 3, 2011
A 50-year-old with diabetes dies six years sooner than someone without the disease, and not just from a heart attack or a stroke, new research suggests.
9:07 AM Mar 3, 2011
Parole officials have refused to give Sirhan Sirhan a date with freedom, saying he hasn't shown sufficient remorse for Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's death and doesn't understand the enormity of the assassination that changed U.S. history more than 40 years ago.
8:45 AM Mar 3, 2011
Cedar Point is adding patriotism and pyrotechnics to buff up its nighttime music and light show, a tradition at the park since 1995.
7:07 AM Mar 3, 2011
Residents in the Berlin-Milan school district want their next superintendent to be a relationship builder - someone who listens respectfully and has new ideas about funding and running the schools.
6:07 AM Mar 3, 2011
Three men accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Fremont home in which children were sleeping have been charged with attempted murder.
5:08 AM Mar 3, 2011