Nickel Plate Park beach might be cleaner and calmer this summer with a new ban on dogs during certain hours.
1:08 PM Mar 27, 2011
After years of listening to twisting metal and shattering glass from 250 crashes on a deadly road, Bay Township residents want solutions.
11:07 AM Mar 27, 2011
When Valerie Mettler learned of the shooting death of Officer Andrew Dunn, she felt the all-too-familiar pangs for his wife and young boys.
9:48 AM Mar 27, 2011
Some city residents -- including several former Sandusky High School basketball stars -- are calling for a coaching change in the boys basketball program.
8:07 AM Mar 27, 2011
State Rep. Dennis Murray of Sandusky, a Democrat, and state Rep. Terry Boose of Norwalk, a Republican, disagree on many issues.
6:07 AM Mar 27, 2011
A man trying to get into the Army lost 63 pounds in less than four months - an extreme diet that helped lead to his death - and the Army says it is now investigating his mother's allegation that military recruiters had coached him on how to shed weight.
11:49 PM Mar 26, 2011
(UPDATED WITH PROCESSION VIDEO) Law enforcement officers traveled from as far away as Oklahoma on Friday to see Officer Andrew Dunn make his last journey through the city.
5:54 PM Mar 26, 2011
Sandusky police officers carried their fallen brother's flag-draped casket through Calvary Cemetery on Friday.
5:54 PM Mar 26, 2011
Bullets piercing the night 21 years apart now connect two families in grief.
3:13 PM Mar 26, 2011
Perkins Township police charged a Sandusky man with his seventh drunken driving offense early Thursday morning.
2:50 PM Mar 26, 2011
Sandusky city commissioners have come up with a solution to a problem many believe is plaguing downtown: vacant commercial buildings.
1:08 PM Mar 26, 2011
Community members vehemently opposed to Senate Bill 5 want an answer from Erie County commissioners.
10:08 AM Mar 26, 2011
Brandon Knight did it again.
8:07 AM Mar 26, 2011
A Texas company pushing for Cedar Fair board members to resign is also demanding the release of a transcript from an ousted Cedar Fair executive's arbitration hearing.
12:44 AM Mar 26, 2011