It's a crazy world out there. The past week's events in the United States are exhibit A. Athletic event bombing, fertilizer plant explosion, lockdown of an American city, media mayhem. I had a conversation in which someone asked 'Is this what will be normal for our children?' This got me thinking...
3:14 PM Apr 22, 2013
The famous Gyro Cart is all set to open at Washington Park this month, but this year, with a little surprise.
2:00 PM Apr 22, 2013
Resident posts big sign along Ohio 269
1:52 PM Apr 22, 2013
Police released still photos from video surveillance cameras that show the suspect in Sunday's armed robbery.
1:10 PM Apr 22, 2013

Click here to watch a video featuring Todd Franko, former editor at the Register who is now managing editor at the Youngstown Vindicator, talk with Cedar Point's Annie Zelm.  

1:01 PM Apr 22, 2013
The Catawba Island resident prepares for the experience every five years, when Floyd Graham’s number comes up for a chance before the parole board.
12:00 PM Apr 22, 2013
Want to go? Click here for Sandusky city commission agenda.
11:55 AM Apr 22, 2013

Excerpt: As the reporter said to the novelist: Why bother to make stuff up?

11:00 AM Apr 22, 2013
"This is our (expletive) city, and nobody is going to dictate our freedom," he said. "Stay strong."
10:30 AM Apr 22, 2013
There's no question Eric Ciula picked a bad year to get into a competition for growing the biggest tomato.
9:30 AM Apr 22, 2013
We told Topey to go climb a tree.
9:00 AM Apr 22, 2013
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8:30 AM Apr 22, 2013
Citing court rules and conflicts, attorney Dan McGookey plans to file a motion today asking Sandusky County judges Barbara Ansted and John Dewey to step aside in Limberios criminal investigation.
8:25 AM Apr 22, 2013