One of the men accused of beating a dog to death in Townsend Township earlier this month turned himself in late yesterday, according to the Huron County Dog Warden's Office.
1:21 AM Sep 1, 2011
Perkins Township police have reopened Strub Road after cleaning up a crash Wednesday afternooon.
7:50 PM Aug 31, 2011
Lamont "Show Boat" Robinson was our guest on this week's Between the Lines. We also talked with Funcoast editor Ashley Bethard and Sandusky Register assistant managing editor Cheryl Welch.
2:43 PM Aug 31, 2011
After eluding police all summer, Sandusky's most-wanted man is now ranked among the "Dangerous Dozen' - the fugitives most wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service in northern Ohio.
1:08 PM Aug 31, 2011
Want to find out what's going on Today by the Bay? Watch as Jason Werling and Sarah Weber talk about the weather, birthdays on the North Coast.
1:00 PM Aug 31, 2011
The state treasurer's website now features a search engine for looking up the salaries of Ohio public employees.
11:49 AM Aug 31, 2011
A police investigation into a Aug. 21 fight between Monroeville police Officer Wallace Johnson and Huron County Deputy Chris Williamson found the men were fighting about Johnson's wife.
10:47 AM Aug 31, 2011
Walter Kobak worries he'll burn to death if his small home catches fire.
9:00 AM Aug 31, 2011
For years, William Hillar's tales about his exploits as an Army Green Beret and a puffed up resume helped him land jobs teaching counterterrorism and drug and human trafficking interdiction, but the scheme has now earned him 21 months in federal prison.
6:00 AM Aug 31, 2011
The sun burned yellow-orange through the clouds as Firelands Symphony Orchestra conductor Carl Topilow raised his wand.
5:00 AM Aug 31, 2011
Sandusky police arrested a man for trespassing Monday night, only to find they actually had a murder suspect in their custody.
10:52 PM Aug 30, 2011
An 86-year-old Arizona man whose eye socket was impaled with a pair of pruning shears said Tuesday he experienced excruciating pain during the ordeal and feels lucky to be alive.
3:58 PM Aug 30, 2011
A judge in Cleveland has turned down a serial killer's request for new trial.
3:54 PM Aug 30, 2011

Well, we are closing in on the end of the third quarter and as you all know I am behind.

2:01 PM Aug 30, 2011

 This past week went a little better than the past two. I did not go to the gym at all because of working and my personal trainer Trevor Tieche being on vacation.

2:00 PM Aug 30, 2011