Area law enforcement agencies previously investigated these murder-suicide cases:
8:07 AM Apr 19, 2011
Norwalk police are investigating an assault Saturday night in which someone knocked out a 19-year-old man's teeth and split his lip.
7:07 AM Apr 19, 2011
The doctor charged in the death of Michael Jackson tried to change his story about his actions involving the pop star, telling his own experts in the upcoming trial a different story than he told police, prosecutors said Monday.
6:07 AM Apr 19, 2011
Ottawa County Sheriff's deputies are still struggling to understand what happened Saturday morning at 964 N. Leutz Road.
5:07 AM Apr 19, 2011
(UPDATED: 11:05 p.m.) An Oak Harbor man who relatives say was having marital problems shot and killed his wife and three small children Saturday morning before turning the gun on himself, authorities said.
5:52 PM Apr 18, 2011

Did you ever wonder what kind of music small town kids in North Dakota listen to? I would have guessed country music, but apparently German heavy metal music is big, too.

5:51 PM Apr 18, 2011
Two of the toughest people in north-central Ohio have apparently set a new world record for a two-person tattooing session.
4:39 PM Apr 18, 2011
A soldier from Castalia was reportedly killed in Afghanistan, according to a Margaretta school official. Charles Adkins, a 1993 Margaretta High School graduate, was killed. The military has not yet released the names of the most recent casualties, but Adkins was reportedly one of 10 U.S. servicemen killed in action over the weekend.
2:28 PM Apr 18, 2011
Cora Williams has a special place in her heart for New Jerusalem Baptist Church.
11:57 AM Apr 18, 2011
Paging Dr. Chance.
11:51 AM Apr 18, 2011
Armed with more than three-quarters of a million dollars in cash, the local visitor bureau is planning a TV blitz aimed at luring visitors to Sandusky this summer.
11:48 AM Apr 18, 2011
Scoff, if you must, at Lee Evans and her poodle mix with a purple mohawk. The candy-colored coif of the rescue dog is the talk of her block.
11:45 AM Apr 18, 2011
Even after J Bistro opens its new digs on West Market Street next month, plans are in the works to add more sizzle to the area around the building. Gary and Diane Ackerman, owners of the former Yesteryears and By Design buildings, purchased a 22-foot strip of property abutting the brick artist's wall near Peddlers Alley.
11:43 AM Apr 18, 2011
Sandusky was 150 years old in 1968. Those of us who are in our late 40s or older remember the Sandusky sesquicentennial. It was a time of celebration: parades, parties, pageants, proclamations, period dress, marching bands and men with beards.
10:10 AM Apr 18, 2011
Unless it comes in a can, Leonard Manbeck doesn't usually eat it. "Mrs. Campbell's does the cooking," the 87-year Bellevue resident said, referring to the soup that stocks his cabinets.
9:08 AM Apr 18, 2011