Ohio's unemployment rate has dropped slightly to 7 percent after three consecutive months of holding steady at the same rate.
11:02 AM Oct 19, 2012
It’s hard enough, willpower-wise, to make healthier choices when you’re trying to achieve your weight loss goals. But it’s even harder when seemingly better-for-you “diet foods” don’t live up to their claims—or are downright harmful to your health.
10:00 AM Oct 19, 2012
Again and again, decade after decade, an array of authorities — police chiefs, prosecutors, pastors and local Boy Scout leaders among them — quietly shielded scoutmasters and others accused of molesting children, a newly opened trove of confidential papers shows.
9:01 AM Oct 19, 2012
Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials recently permitted administrators to shred NASA Plum Brook Station's license to produce radioactive toxins.
8:03 AM Oct 19, 2012
As Chicago struggles to quell gang violence that has contributed to a jump in homicides, a top elected official wants to tax the sale of every bullet and firearm — an effort that has national gun-rights advocates already considering a legal challenge.
6:04 AM Oct 19, 2012
A 21-year-old Sandusky man faces kidnapping, robbery and assault charges for his alleged role in an armed home invasion Tuesday night on Perry Street.
5:01 AM Oct 19, 2012
Ohio authorities seized considerably fewer marijuana plants this year than last, a decrease they're blaming in part on the summer drought.
8:00 PM Oct 18, 2012
Lest anyone forget the importance of Ohio's white, working-class voters, President Barack Obama sent a clear reminder on Thursday.
6:00 PM Oct 18, 2012
Cedar Fair officials didn't just have a great day Wednesday — they had the best day on record.
5:24 PM Oct 18, 2012
Another busy week. I went to my family doctor this past week for a check-up. He could not believe how much weight I've lost. He was able to take me off two meds that I take for high blood pressure. We are waiting to see what the blood work tests say about my cholesterol and sugar. I've been...
4:22 PM Oct 18, 2012
Average student-loan debt for graduating college students in Ohio is on the rise.
4:13 PM Oct 18, 2012
Police say a man who was breaking into a central Ohio home died after he was shot by the resident and then fell from a second-floor window.
2:00 PM Oct 18, 2012
A man accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend appeared briefly by video in municipal court Thursday.
1:16 PM Oct 18, 2012
We had a great time at our first High Roller Happy Hour at Thirsty Pony. Our big winners of tickets on the Fun Bus going to Hollywood Casino in Toledo seemed to have a good time too.
12:50 PM Oct 18, 2012