Six jurors will have three options for Zimmerman when they start deliberations as early as Friday: guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter or not guilty.
6:00 PM Jul 11, 2013
A handful injured, thousands without power after storms, possible tornadoes blasted through four-county region
5:30 PM Jul 11, 2013

Everyone loves a good reveal. The details surrounding the Wizard of Oz's identity or even listening to Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" bring delight and awe.

5:02 PM Jul 11, 2013
Area seniors are invited to travel back in time and get their grove on.
5:01 PM Jul 11, 2013
This weekend’s Top 5 picks include our first Sizzling Summer Cruise giveaway, a family friendly Pirate Day Fest, the beloved Huron River Fest, listening to some jazz at Kelleys Island winery and watching an old fasion baseball game at the Hayes Presidential Center.
4:20 PM Jul 11, 2013
Heavy rain in the past month and an overflowing creek makes course unsuitable for play.
3:33 PM Jul 11, 2013


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July 9, 2013

2:45 PM Jul 11, 2013
Vermilion's AuBree LaForce has earned a scholarship from the Ohio High School Athletic Association.
2:31 PM Jul 11, 2013
Working with cancer patients and children with terminal illnesses could be disheartening for some, but one volunteer saw a unique opportunity.
1:00 PM Jul 11, 2013
A booming corridor, home to new businesses sprouting up alongside Sandusky’s stunning waterfront, should receive a major makeover within two years.
12:12 PM Jul 11, 2013
Enjoy a day of fun at this weekend Pirate Day Fest, put on by Perkins Schools.
12:11 PM Jul 11, 2013
Some Huron youngsters will turn personal survival techniques into a community-wide service later this year.
11:00 AM Jul 11, 2013

Dana came in last week with a story we have not heard before. Her story exposes the blatant hypocrisy banks display when administering the mortgage relief program known as HAMP.

11:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
Two hundred years ago, British soldiers and their Native American allies attacked Ohio by land and sea. Officials are hoping for an even bigger invasion of unarmed tourists, as celebrations of Ohio’s role in the War of 1812 heat up during the next few weeks
10:00 AM Jul 11, 2013
This weekend has a couple 5k races as part of bigger festivals in the area. The annual Huron Riverfest hosts a 5k this Saturday morning (Click on the race below for more information). And a new 5k will make its debut as part of the Warrior Fest in Port Clinton. The Bay Bridge 5k (link below) will...
9:30 AM Jul 11, 2013