U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, is facing a likely primary challenge next year from fellow Democrat Dennis Kucinich, a longtime member of Congress and former Cleveland mayor.
11:48 AM Sep 15, 2011
Sandusky firefighters responded to 1308 Milan Road on Thursday after a mattress at the residence caught fire.
11:18 AM Sep 15, 2011
A Monroeville police officer resigned Tuesday, just weeks after he beat up a Huron County Sheriff's deputy who he accused of sleeping with his wife, police said.
9:00 AM Sep 15, 2011
A man charged with extorting a teen into sexual favors victimized other teens in several U.S. states after he was released on bond, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
6:00 AM Sep 15, 2011
Ottawa County Common Pleas Judge Bruce Winters sentenced William "BJ" Liske to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday morning.
11:46 PM Sep 14, 2011
Relive the glory days of Frank and Dean's Rat Pack, and then enjoy the irreverent "poke-at-life' humor of award-winning comedian/actress Kathie Dice at the Sandusky State Theatre this Saturday.
5:36 PM Sep 14, 2011
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5:07 PM Sep 14, 2011
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that beachcombers can legally walk from the water to the "natural shoreline" along properties bordering Lake Erie.
4:30 PM Sep 14, 2011
Ohio utility regulators are considering a plan that would offer businesses a break on their utility bills if they create jobs, an idea that has generated skepticism among both utilities and consumers.
3:52 PM Sep 14, 2011
Heavy rains forced Sandusky officials to dump more than 3 million gallons of sewer and storm water into Cold Creek near Sandusky Bay on Sept. 7 and 8.
9:00 AM Sep 14, 2011
It takes a lot to stop a Mack truck.
8:00 AM Sep 14, 2011
Disregarding their own safety, they rushed to the street and lined up with more than half dozen others on one side of the car. Within moments, they managed to lift the roughly 4,000-pound car just high enough for one rescuer to pull Brandon Wright to safety.
6:00 AM Sep 14, 2011
Sandusky police Officer Mel Burns has resigned amid allegations of his involvement in an incident with the Outlaw motorcycle club.
6:24 PM Sep 13, 2011
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1:37 PM Sep 13, 2011