U.S. Marshals tracked a Sandusky man to Warsaw Monday and arrested him for the alleged rape of an 8-year-old girl in Sandusky.
9:00 AM Apr 24, 2012
Ohio's tax lures for moviemakers have led to work for thousands of people, and millions of dollars in economic impact.
6:00 AM Apr 24, 2012
The Ohio Supreme Court plans to discontinue printed volumes of appeals and trial court decisions this summer because the information also is available electronically and demand for the bound books has declined.
8:07 PM Apr 23, 2012
Some Ohio firefighters are upset that the interest rate they earn on their retirement accounts has been cut in half.
5:07 PM Apr 23, 2012
Q: Can you please tell us when Perry's Monument will reopen? -Ned from Huron
4:37 PM Apr 23, 2012

I've been interested in history for a long time. So as I commute to work from the Cleveland area, I've been listening to lectures by Yale professor Paul H.

4:33 PM Apr 23, 2012
The Kiwanis Club of Sandusky and ARC of Erie County have combined efforts to start a new service club for adults with disabilities.
3:07 PM Apr 23, 2012
A spring nor'easter packing soaking rain and high winds churned up the Northeast Monday morning, unleashing a burst of winter and up to a foot of snow in higher elevations inland, closing some schools and sparking concerns of power outages.
2:00 PM Apr 23, 2012
U.S. law enforcement officials this month handed over a suspected cartel hit-man captured in Sandusky to Mexican authorities.
1:05 PM Apr 23, 2012
Almost 500 people learned about the environment, whole foods and horticulture during the annual Earth Day Extravaganza Festival Sunday at Osborn MetroPark.
12:51 PM Apr 23, 2012
A Fostoria woman accused of smuggling prescription opiates into the Huron County jail and giving them to other inmates has been indicted.
12:11 PM Apr 23, 2012
A few weeks ago, we answered a question from a gentleman who wanted to know where he could have a pile of sensitive documents destroyed.
12:00 PM Apr 23, 2012
George Zimmerman is getting out of jail. Now his defense team has to worry about keeping the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of gunning down Trayvon Martin safe on the outside.
10:35 AM Apr 23, 2012