Sandusky resident posts videos online of himself singing in hopes of getting dream job.
12:34 PM Sep 3, 2013
I rode the Full Rev3 Bike Course on August 24th with Pastor John Adams (what a great guy he is) and Ken Klamar. The course was relatively flat with exception to the climb as you come into Milan (East Front Street), when you first turn on to River Road, and a few of rolling hills throughout the...
12:00 PM Sep 3, 2013
Dispatcher struggles to stick to her meal plan
11:30 AM Sep 3, 2013
Brown seeks answers on link between spy agencies and domestic police operations.
11:29 AM Sep 3, 2013
Ten lawsuits against the farmer who caused a hayride crash that injured dozens of passengers have been settled.
10:58 AM Sep 3, 2013
Fans have the chance to vote for one of six nominees for the Football and Volleyball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air.
10:10 AM Sep 3, 2013
Tourists flock to islands to see ships
9:50 AM Sep 3, 2013
Thousands watch re-enactment of Battle of Lake Erie.
9:13 AM Sep 3, 2013
Quadrivalent vaccines will guard against four strains of flu rather than usual three
9:00 AM Sep 3, 2013
Heineman family celebrates 125 years of wine making.
8:56 AM Sep 3, 2013
House members want lawmakers to weigh in before Obama administration acts in Syria.
8:20 AM Sep 3, 2013
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7:30 AM Sep 3, 2013
Toledo woman flown by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Hospital
7:10 AM Sep 3, 2013

When it comes to crime and violence, there are no easy answers and no simple solutions. And when that violence ensnares children, that makes it more troubling. 

6:55 AM Sep 3, 2013
Album intended 'to create a sense of hope and newness that can come from the grief.'
6:00 AM Sep 3, 2013