Huron police have arrested a failed robber who Dec. 23 was chased off by a pipe-wielding clerk at a gas station, a police report said.
8:00 AM Dec 30, 2011
Huron council reversed course this week and agreed to let a California film crew inside the ConAgra facility before it's demolished Jan. 8.
5:00 AM Dec 30, 2011
A 50-year-old man who caused a crash that killed one of his passengers pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide Wednesday.
5:06 PM Dec 29, 2011
An Akron native who became an Internet sensation for her morbidly-obese frame has decided to give up the Ho-Hos and embrace a healthier lifestyle.
4:08 PM Dec 29, 2011
An 18-year-old burglary suspect is also a suspect in the drive-by shooting a Church Drive house while a woman and her children were home Wednesday night, according to Lorain police.
3:55 PM Dec 29, 2011
Sandusky city commissioner Dick Brady confirmed today he intends to run as an independent for the Erie County commissioner's seat now held by Tom Ferrell Jr, who is seeking his seventh term in office.
3:49 PM Dec 29, 2011
Almost two centuries before there was a man named Obama in the White House, there was a man named Obama shackled in the bowels of a slave ship. There is no proof that the unidentified Obama has ties to President Barack Obama. All they share is a name. But that is exactly the commonality that Emory University researchers hope to build upon as they delve into the origins of Africans who were taken up and sold.
3:21 PM Dec 29, 2011
Get fit just by wearing shoes. It almost sounds too good to be true. Well, it is.
12:54 PM Dec 29, 2011
Think you have what it takes to shine onstage?
12:44 PM Dec 29, 2011
Cracks in the shield building at Davis-Besse in Oak Harbor have prompted concerns, but the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it's still safe to use.
12:01 PM Dec 29, 2011
Margaritaville wants to expand its parking lot for the next tourist season, but one neighbor is opposed to the change.
11:45 AM Dec 29, 2011
Police were called to the 900 block of Hancock St. on Tuesday to investigate a 2-month-old baby's death. They arrived at the house at about 7:45 a.m. to find Cameron Coleman unconscious and not breathing, so they performed CPR, according to the report.
10:51 AM Dec 29, 2011
The Ohio Parole Board has refused to release an Ohio man convicted of killing a neighbor at her home in 1969. The Advocate newspaper reports the board refused parole for 68-year-old William Siddle of Newark on Tuesday. A state prisons spokesman says Siddle's release was denied until at least 2017, when there would be another hearing.
10:28 PM Dec 28, 2011