A Sandusky man used a souvenir baseball bat to assault a man Tuesday on Perry Street, a police report said.
4:06 PM Dec 27, 2012
A muted version of a winter storm that has killed more than a dozen people across the eastern half of the country plodded across the Northeast on Thursday, trapping airliners in snow or mud and frustrating travelers still trying to return home after Christmas.
3:21 PM Dec 27, 2012
NASA administrators and local officials envision a vibrant technology park — with many high-paying careers — sprouting from an empty field near a world-class testing facility.
2:28 PM Dec 27, 2012
We had our final challenge this past week at the YMCA.  I worried all week about swimming. I tried to swim the first length on my back kicking like crazy. That got me pretty far behind FIT Challengers Meg and Leah. Tried a different stroke on the next length and that didn't work much better. When I...
1:20 PM Dec 27, 2012
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he will sign a controversial bill barring Americans from adopting Russian children, while the Kremlin's children's rights advocate recommended extending the ban to the rest of the world.
1:05 PM Dec 27, 2012

A long-time Register employee arrived at work earlier today expressing a thought he's shared almost every year about this time. 

"I see nobody told the city of Sandusky there was snow on the way," he said. 

12:53 PM Dec 27, 2012
There's not much room left at Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary after the shelter rescued a second batch of dogs from Holmes County.
12:15 PM Dec 27, 2012

When you consider that the law of “securitized mortgage loan defense” (not simply “foreclosure defense”), is only a little over four years old, rising from the ashes of the housing market collapse of 2008, you realize that this area of the law has developed recently and extremely rapidly, and wit

11:01 AM Dec 27, 2012
Former President George H.W. Bush is being treated in the intensive care unit at a Houston hospital after suffering "a series of setbacks," including a stubborn fever, his spokesman said.
10:00 AM Dec 27, 2012
Power outage forces decision
9:41 AM Dec 27, 2012
Methamphetamine lab seizures are on the rise in the nation's cities and suburbs, raising new concerns about a lethal drug that has long been the scourge of rural America.
8:03 AM Dec 27, 2012