A local fast food employee who allegedly made off with a sack stuffed with cash Tuesday at the West Perkins Avenue Wendy's was also a convicted burglar serving out the tail end of a prison sentence at a local halfway house, according to the Ohio Department of Corrections.
1:41 PM Jul 27, 2012
The following real estate transactions represent the highest and lowest amounts recorded in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties for the week ending July 27.
1:07 PM Jul 27, 2012
Ohio State Highway Patrol has announced an OVI Checkpoint starting at 10 p.m. tonight on Perry Street in Port Clinton.
12:27 PM Jul 27, 2012

Commenter Big Money won the four free Cedar Point tickets by correctly answering the question: How many miles of hot dogs do Cedar Point’s guests consume in a single season (including corn dogs)?

12:27 PM Jul 27, 2012

This week the Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay blog shares with us a program from the 1952 Sandusky Bay sailing Regatta.

12:26 PM Jul 27, 2012
Q: Now that the ConAgra building is gone, what does Huron plan to do with that river-front property? Have they considered a hotel and conference center? - Joe in Huron Twp.
12:10 PM Jul 27, 2012

And then they stop calling you back altogether.    

I may be jumping the gun but when regional Mitt Romney spokesman Christopher Maloney didn’t return my latest call Tuesday I took it as a sign.

11:11 AM Jul 27, 2012
A Norwalk infant who was allegedly beat by his mother's boyfriend was released from the Akron Children's Hospital on Wednesday.
11:02 AM Jul 27, 2012
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney caused a stir in Britain on Thursday by questioning whether the country is prepared to host the Olympic Games without a hitch and scheduling a fundraiser with the former head of a troubled bank.
10:01 AM Jul 27, 2012
AIDS is graying. By the end of the decade, the government estimates, more than half of Americans living with HIV will be over 50. Even in developing countries, more people with the AIDS virus are surviving to middle age and beyond.
6:00 AM Jul 27, 2012

Win four free tickets by watching “Between the Lines” beginning at 1 p.m. today for your chance at this prize valued at more that $200. There will be hints to the correct answer given during the hour-long program.

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11:24 PM Jul 26, 2012
Authorities in northeast Ohio have identified a man they say was fatally shot by police officers after he drew a weapon and refused to drop it.
8:00 PM Jul 26, 2012

This week on Five Points, reporters Emil Whitis and Andy Ouriel talk about the charges filed against a Norwalk man for beating a 9-month-old baby.


6:00 PM Jul 26, 2012
Hot, dry weather in the Midwest has created the perfect conditions for mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus.
5:07 PM Jul 26, 2012