The living, not the dead, are typically the barhoppers, gunslingers, toe-tappers and rabble-rousers.
3:27 PM Oct 19, 2013
EHOVE Career Center is asking voters Nov. 5 to support a longtime tax levy, with the new proposal aiming to increase revenue and also become permanent.
2:47 PM Oct 19, 2013
Irby leads Perkins over Polar Bears
2:30 PM Oct 19, 2013
This week I hopped back on Route 6 and headed east into the beautiful lakefront community of Huron where I met up with my buddies Tim and Don at Huron Market.  Ugghh, so many good beers, so little time. There’s always something new and fresh to try, and there’s nothing harder than making up your...
1:23 PM Oct 19, 2013
The Sailors navigated their way to Norwalk for a game with the Truckers.
1:10 PM Oct 19, 2013
Local federal facilities reopened this week after legislators finally ended the government shutdown.
1:04 PM Oct 19, 2013
Comedian: Pope Francis would probably have hosted Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner at an iHop
1:00 PM Oct 19, 2013
The official Ohio High School Athletic Association computer ratings won't be released until Tuesday afternoon.
12:41 PM Oct 19, 2013
If you're not quite sure what sort of gift to give, or how to celebrate we've got you covered.
12:10 PM Oct 19, 2013
A Fremont woman accused of stealing an elderly woman’s purse and running up her credit cards was picked up Thursday on a felony warrant.
11:30 AM Oct 19, 2013
MetroParks to install lights at bark park
11:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
Norwalk police plan to increase traffic enforcement in order to reduce the risk of crashes for the remainder of October, according to a news release.
10:29 AM Oct 19, 2013
Some thieves target scrap metal, some target jewelry and some go for cash.
10:00 AM Oct 19, 2013
Firelands Montessori Academy hosting event in Huron.
9:40 AM Oct 19, 2013
A Sandusky police officer will be placed on unpaid leave after an internal investigation concluded he fell asleep on the job.
9:19 AM Oct 19, 2013