Ohio motorists are paying almost 50 cents a gallon more for gasoline than they were a month ago following another 8-cent jump in pump prices over the past week.
3:22 PM Mar 14, 2011

The ongoing tragedy in Japan, including the problems caused by damage to nuclear reactors, has refocused attention on nuclear safety in the U.S. As this Propublica.com story reports, U.S. Rep.

1:51 PM Mar 14, 2011
A: Jason, How are the city's finances this year? I know they did relatively well last year compared to budget projections, and I'm curious if that has continued this year. Thanks! - Al on Cleveland Road
12:10 PM Mar 14, 2011
We were startled when the head of the United Steelworkers, the national labor union, mentioned Sandusky's role in developing the modern wind turbine.
10:08 AM Mar 14, 2011
Passengers and witnesses to a horrific New York City crash that sheared the top off a bus and killed 14 people told investigators that the driver's account of getting clipped by a tractor-trailer didn't match up to what they felt and saw before the vehicle slid off the road and into a sign pole.
9:09 AM Mar 14, 2011
When he gazes out, Sandusky State Theatre executive director Thomas Kazmierczak sees film festivals featuring foreign and independent movies just over the horizon.
9:03 AM Mar 14, 2011
It's been a woeful winter for northern Ohio and much of the Midwest, and Erie County certainly has taken its fair share of abuse. But local tow crews and collision-repair businesses are kissing Mother Nature's frosty toes.
8:08 AM Mar 14, 2011
City officials have loosened the requirements of a leash law proposed by residents and police, and a vote could come at the city commissioners' meeting at 5 p.m. today.
6:07 AM Mar 14, 2011
The following schools are on a two-hour delay today:
2:11 AM Mar 14, 2011
Welcome to The NFL Lockout.
2:07 PM Mar 13, 2011
A former BGSU Firelands professor will be cleared of weapons charges as long as he stays out of trouble for the next two years.
12:07 PM Mar 13, 2011
Shantae Collins pounded her fingers into a computer keyboard thousands of times during college.
10:07 AM Mar 13, 2011
Build it, and thousands will come.
9:07 AM Mar 13, 2011
The Boals family is living proof of the importance of teaching young children what to do in an emergency.
8:07 AM Mar 13, 2011