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In the event’s third year, the Fremont Elks Lodge is hosting an Easter craft and bake sale to raise money for their community activities.
2:00 PM Mar 28, 2013
Tim Dorsey will make you sweat, and you’ll love every minute of it.
1:28 PM Mar 28, 2013
The familar entryway along Monroe Street is getting an update.
11:20 AM Mar 28, 2013

Joe and Jenny Robb came to see us in August 2012, after being sued for foreclosure on their $72,000 mortgage. They ran into problems in paying on the mortgage when Joe’s income dropped after he was forced to find a new job.

10:57 AM Mar 28, 2013
Click here to see video clip interview with Sheriff Steve Levorchick on Wednesday.
10:30 AM Mar 28, 2013
A compilation of recent comments at sanduskyregister.com
10:30 AM Mar 28, 2013
School board set to make decision regarding ousted superintendent Fred Fox on April 2.
10:00 AM Mar 28, 2013
Bud Light said it with beer cans and Martha Stewart with red velvet cake as companies and celebrities from Beyonce to George Takei joined millions of social media users in posting and tweaking a simple red logo in support of gay marriage.
9:30 AM Mar 28, 2013
Coming Sunday: The rich history of the 480-acre property in Sandusky County, and the impact of FirstEnergy building a power line there.
7:30 AM Mar 28, 2013

Excerpt: As America tiptoes toward a fourth intervention in an opaque and uncontrollable conflict — now Syria, after Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya — Webb’s words require two minor modifications: Obama has demonstrated a power, not an authority; only the Constitution authorizes.

6:45 AM Mar 28, 2013
A huge international effort involving more than 100 institutions and genetic tests on 200,000 people has uncovered dozens of signposts in DNA that can help reveal further a person's risk for breast, ovarian or prostate cancer, scientists reported Wednesday.
6:00 AM Mar 28, 2013
Polling shows confidence
5:33 AM Mar 28, 2013
After months of depositions and court proceedings, the people of Ebenezer Baptist Church will place their fate in the hands of a visiting judge.
12:01 AM Mar 28, 2013
There was a history of domestic violence and abuse between Amy Ross, 43, and her estranged husband long before he went to her sister's home Wednesday and kicked in the door before killing her.
8:06 PM Mar 27, 2013