All those bloodstained monsters roaming around in a field near Ohio 2 and Ohio 60 apparently have their hearts in the right place, even if they’re missing a couple of limbs or a few scruples.
2:43 PM Oct 15, 2013
Administrators at a Sandusky County homeless shelter hope their agency will garner enough votes to win a Toyota Highlander to help residents.
2:31 PM Oct 15, 2013

It would be naive for anyone to believe our region is not impacted by gangs, drug dealers and others involved in criminal behavior. All one has to do is read the daily police blotters from communities throughout the area published in the Register to affirm that. 

2:04 PM Oct 15, 2013


Get the police blotter every day in the Register. 


Sandusky Police


October 13, 2013


1:30 PM Oct 15, 2013
List of indictments including residents of Akron, Willard, Norwalk, Greenwhich and Berlin Heights.
1:23 PM Oct 15, 2013

Today I am visiting Furry School to talk to a couple of kindergarten classes about what I do at the Register. I'm not sure what I'm going to tell them, but I at least want to show them how we can show live events at our website.

1:15 PM Oct 15, 2013
Windows software for cellphones will make it easier for motorists to reduce distractions
1:00 PM Oct 15, 2013

Since Ethics has been in the news lately, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a program sponsored by the Ohio Ethics Commission (OEC), which is supported by the Department of Taxation to better educate the elec

12:14 PM Oct 15, 2013
Edison High School’s marching band will host its “review,” an annual event featuring performances from 10 local bands, at 7 p.m. Saturday at the high school’s football stadium.
12:03 PM Oct 15, 2013
The Huron school district doesn’t appear to have the documents necessary that would allow it to do business with the companies owned by two board members.
11:49 AM Oct 15, 2013
Federal housing program reinstated after city spends 3 years in penalty box.
11:37 AM Oct 15, 2013
Ohio’s gas prices have risen closer to the national average after dipping during the second week of the partial government shutdown.
11:35 AM Oct 15, 2013
Fighting the algal bloom, one farm at a time.
10:34 AM Oct 15, 2013
Plaintiffs say their rights were violated when they were sent to jail for failure to pay fines and costs.
9:52 AM Oct 15, 2013