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Sandusky Police


September 6, 2013


5:28 p.m. — 200 block Neil St., boy said other boy hit him with bat after he took his candy; no charges filed due to conflicting accounts.  

7:00 AM Sep 10, 2013
State officials encouraging bars to recycle
6:00 AM Sep 10, 2013
Benjamin Jealous is credited with boosting organizations finances, outreach
9:00 PM Sep 9, 2013
Secretary of State John Kerry suggests new proposal for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons stockpilse
8:00 PM Sep 9, 2013
As of 7 a.m. last Wednesday, there were 152 registered sex offenders in Erie County.
7:41 PM Sep 9, 2013
I have really fallen off of the track the past two weeks. I know that now and I'm ready to kick it back into gear.   I have a new diet plan I want to try and follow and I'm getting back in the gym.   I think that I became overwhelmed with the gym, work and school all at once. But now I'm...
6:40 PM Sep 9, 2013
Fans have the chance to vote for one of six nominees for the Football and Volleyball Player of the Week, brought to you by Norwalk Heating & Air.
6:01 PM Sep 9, 2013
Company plans Tuesday event to announce its plans
6:00 PM Sep 9, 2013
Volunteer opportunities in the Sandusky area
5:44 PM Sep 9, 2013
College officials want to talk more with the city about the Sandusky Bay Pavilion.
5:23 PM Sep 9, 2013
Amusement park voted World's Best at annual Golden Ticket Awards
5:10 PM Sep 9, 2013
The owner of the mobile home park may soon know if he faces citations from Sandusky firefighters, as well as theft charges from police.
4:03 PM Sep 9, 2013
Sandusky officials are proceeding with tearing down yet another blighted, contaminated commercial property.
3:49 PM Sep 9, 2013

This was the weekend of the new big rivalry football game, between Sandusky and Perkins High Schools. The old rivalry game, between Sandusky and Fremont Ross, was last week.

3:30 PM Sep 9, 2013
One-year anniversary of deaths of Sandusky mother and her two children.
2:54 PM Sep 9, 2013