A new poll says Ohio voters support Buckeyes football coach Jim Tressel and don't think he should be fired over allegations that he violated NCAA bylaws and covered it up.
8:09 PM Mar 25, 2011
A meeting this Saturday between the Sandusky branch of NAACP and local clergy will discuss ways to bring the community together.
6:01 PM Mar 25, 2011
Ohio Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont, is resting after successfully undergoing a triple bypass Wednesday at The Toledo Hospital.
5:25 PM Mar 25, 2011
Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn smiled down upon the thousands of people who visited him Thursday.
4:39 PM Mar 25, 2011
Dredging will start this summer in East Harbor Bay to make up for steadily dropping water levels.
3:53 PM Mar 25, 2011
There's multiple ways to donate to Officer Andy Dunn's family, from T-shirts to pancakes and haircuts to more conventional fundraising methods.
1:16 PM Mar 25, 2011
Two masked men attacked a local restaurant owner in the driveway of her home Wednesday night and stole her purse.
11:39 AM Mar 25, 2011
Q: Jason, Who do you contact if a neighbor is not keeping up on their property? There is trash everywhere, abandon refrigerator in driveway, an old, broken down car that doesn't start, etc. This looks horrible and drives our property values down. Who do I contact? - Kris in Perkins
11:37 AM Mar 25, 2011
Q: Why the Register is interested in obtaining the dash-cam video from Officer Dunn's police cruiser from the night he was killed? - Beki on Buchanan Street
11:35 AM Mar 25, 2011
A Cleveland Browns fan sued the National Football league and its teams over the player lockout, claiming it violated his contract to buy tickets through his personal seat license.
11:03 AM Mar 25, 2011
It's dam hard to believe, but leave it to a beaver to make a commotion in a Kroger.
7:09 AM Mar 25, 2011
The Erie County Humane Society wants to move on after firing Amy Porter, with plans to hire a new director who can help the shelter meet its goals.
12:59 AM Mar 25, 2011
Cedar Fair's former second-in-command wants his job back, and he's armed with an arbitration ruling to bolster his cause.
12:41 AM Mar 25, 2011
A physician with an office in Plymouth is under the microscope for prescribing an alarming number of prescription painkillers, state investigators said.
6:21 PM Mar 24, 2011
(UPDATED AT 6:10 P.M.) More than a dozen states should eliminate the disparities in sentencing people charged with crack and powder cocaine crimes, a national group that advocates for criminal justice reform said Thursday.
6:09 PM Mar 24, 2011