Two men accused eachother of drawing guns after a lawnmower-for-minibike trade went bad.
1:02 PM Apr 5, 2012

This is a weekly column by Sandusky attorney Dan McGookey, devoted to telling true stories of homeowners who have been victimized by a lending system which makes it profitable to foreclose. The names used have been changed for privacy purposes. This is Alice 's tale.

11:00 AM Apr 5, 2012
The following ships are scheduled to dock in Sandusky.
10:33 AM Apr 5, 2012
If there are mountain lions roaming through Erie County, they're good at avoiding publicity.
10:12 AM Apr 5, 2012
A recent rash of catalytic converter thefts has cars all over the city worried about their underparts.
10:09 AM Apr 5, 2012
The Ohio Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether to require juvenile offenders facing the possibility of detention to consult with an attorney before deciding to waive their right to a lawyer.
10:00 AM Apr 5, 2012
Erie County commissioners Pat Shenigo and Tom Ferrell butted heads at a recent meeting when Ferrell suggested the county could loan money to Judge Paul Lux for a muni court project.
9:00 AM Apr 5, 2012
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has kicked off the big lead-up to next week's inductions in Cleveland by unveiling sidewalk "Walk of Fame" plaques honoring the newest inductees.
6:00 AM Apr 5, 2012
Environmental regulators from Michigan and Ohio say they'll work together on solutions to the growing problem of algae blooms in western Lake Erie.
8:07 PM Apr 4, 2012
The Toledo Catholic Diocese says a lightning strike sparked a fire to a 170-foot steeple at a church in northeast Ohio.
5:07 PM Apr 4, 2012

This week on Between the Lines, Richard Koonce talks about an upcoming event to support the Nehemiah Center and he breaks into song.

3:29 PM Apr 4, 2012
Erie County clerk of courts Luvada Wilson has hired a new debt collector - Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.
3:24 PM Apr 4, 2012
Two Sandusky area men were arrested Monday after shooting guns in a field and leading deputies on a high-speed chase, an Erie County deputy's report said.
3:07 PM Apr 4, 2012