The new owners of Maui Sands hope to have the indoor water park up and running within a year.
9:00 AM Dec 21, 2011
Twelve members of a breakaway Amish group were charged with federal hate crimes in beard-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in eastern Ohio farm country, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.
6:00 AM Dec 21, 2011

This past week went well. With the holidays in full swing, working out has gotten a little tough, but I am still doing it.

5:52 PM Dec 20, 2011
Urban Meyer's first Ohio State team won't be bowl-bound.
5:46 PM Dec 20, 2011
Local birders looking to get a peek at a snowy owl may be in luck this holiday season. The white owls have been sighted all around the Great Lakes region.
4:27 PM Dec 20, 2011
Two Sandusky girls who eluded deputies last week by jumping out a second-story window at Kalahari couldn't secure their getaway a second time.
4:24 PM Dec 20, 2011
The state says a county health agency in Ohio needs a new building because the current one isn't setting a healthy example.
2:41 PM Dec 20, 2011
A lawsuit asks the Ohio Supreme Court to stop the demolition of a county courthouse built in 1884.
12:42 PM Dec 20, 2011

Editor's note: For the past few weeks, readers have been asking about Natalie Johnson. Has she quit? Is she feeling better? Where is her blog?

11:06 AM Dec 20, 2011

Well it's the last 10 days of this truly long year. I am working to lose the last 10 pounds before contest is over.

I won't reach goal, but who says I have to do it in a year.  I have plenty of time to reach it.

11:03 AM Dec 20, 2011

Earlier this year, I used this blog as a platform to endorse Newt Gingrich for president, arguing that Newt, among the GOP candidates, provides the best chance

10:55 AM Dec 20, 2011
Ohio's unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent in November. This is down from October's unemployment figures which hovered around of 9.0 percent.
10:53 AM Dec 20, 2011
A Perkins Township woman punched her husband Sunday after he refused to have sex with her, a Perkins police report said.
10:23 AM Dec 20, 2011
The green algal blooms that have been spreading through Lake Erie do produce toxins, but that probably shouldn't keep you from munching a perch sandwich for lunch.
10:22 AM Dec 20, 2011