Amusement park operator Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. says its push to increase season pass sales paid off last year.
4:11 PM Feb 19, 2013

Broken bones, bruises and bloody noses.

"Bones" featured an episode earlier this month, called "The Doll in the Derby."

You can find it on Hulu.

3:20 PM Feb 19, 2013
Sandusky State Theatre director Thomas Kazmierczak confirmed Tuesday he has accepted a job as executive director of the Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse.
2:48 PM Feb 19, 2013
When police caught up with Robert Lee Jackson Jr. late Monday night outside Oberlin, they discovered a considerable amount of cash in his truck. (With 911 call.)
1:55 PM Feb 19, 2013
The Perkins Board of Education and superintendent Jim Gunner outlined who and what could possibly be cut. There will be a $600,000 shortfall should the levy not pass in March and any program not mandated by the state could be affected.
1:11 PM Feb 19, 2013
His city's best fishing days are long past it, but lifelong Gloucester resident Ron Gilson still sees what once was when he drives past what remains.
1:01 PM Feb 19, 2013
Treadmills are boring. They do the job for a lot of people, but not for me. I'm sure there will be a time when I'll want to read a book or watch SportsCenter while walking or running, but there are too many places in our area where you can get some fresh air, some great views and some good exercise...
12:03 PM Feb 19, 2013

My topic this week is the county’s offer to move City Hall into the county building.

11:09 AM Feb 19, 2013
With the Boy Scouts of America entangled in a furor over its ban on gays, lesser-known youth organizations across the ideological spectrum see an opportunity. They wonder if the turmoil might prompt some families to give them a closer look as options for their boys.
9:09 AM Feb 19, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners approved a $150,000 loan so developers can transform century-old hotel rooms into swanky pads for senior citizens.
8:01 AM Feb 19, 2013

Excerpt from the Across the State editorial in today's Register: The state of Ohio faces a gap of $77 billion between what it owes to its five public pension plans and what it has funded. That’s more than the gross domestic product of Panama.

6:45 AM Feb 19, 2013
A Texas couple says a Tennessee sheriff's deputy pulled them over after mistaking a car decal of the buckeye leaf for a marijuana leaf.
6:07 AM Feb 19, 2013
Pending cuts to teachers, staffing listed during public meeting.
12:25 AM Feb 19, 2013