Joe the Plumber is considering whether he wants to plunge into a congressional race in Ohio, a Republican party official said.
12:23 PM Sep 16, 2011
The legal fallout and cost created by the Huron River Greenway continues to plague taxpayers. That's the unfortunate truth. A special section in this Sunday's Register offers readers the full story, from the start more than 15 years ago right up to today. "Government gone bad," is based on interviews with property owners who continue to fight what they call Erie MetroParks' unlawful seizure of their land, and others, as well as court documents and other filings available here.
12:19 PM Sep 16, 2011
A local contractor says he knows the property he's tearing down has become a nuisance, but he believes a councilman's watchful eye is equally annoying.
12:18 PM Sep 16, 2011
State Representative Dennis Murray (D-Sandusky) will host a Town Hall Meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Osborn MetroPark.
12:17 PM Sep 16, 2011
A state lawmaker says he plans to introduce a bill that would require all Ohioans on public aid pass drug testing - and foot the bill.
12:16 PM Sep 16, 2011
Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton has accepted an appointment as Genoa village police chief and will resign his office on Sept 23.
12:16 PM Sep 16, 2011
The Ohio Department of Health says an analysis of the impact of a four-year-old smoking ban shows that it has not adversely affected business at bars and restaurants.
12:14 PM Sep 16, 2011
Team NEO, the economic development group that's taken on a new role helping Erie and Huron counties develop and retain jobs, is reaching out to its new customers.
12:14 PM Sep 16, 2011
Congress returns to work this coming week, divided over measures to create jobs and scorned by the nation it was elected to help lead.
12:13 PM Sep 16, 2011
Vice President Joe Biden, saying organized labor is under the most direct assault in generations, urged a major Ohio union gathering Monday to lead the way in fighting back.
12:12 PM Sep 16, 2011
Attacking a deepening jobs crisis, President Barack Obama challenged a reluctant Congress Thursday night to urgently pass a larger-than-expected $450 billion plan to "jolt an economy that has stalled." He urged lawmakers to slash Social Security taxes for tens of millions of Americans and for almost every business to encourage hiring.
12:11 PM Sep 16, 2011
Imploring Congress to follow his lead, President Barack Obama on Tuesday lobbied lawmakers to adopt his nearly $450 billion jobs plan, promising it would help workers in the construction industry and rebuild schools in crumbling condition. Said Obama: "My question to Congress is, what on earth are we waiting for?"
12:10 PM Sep 16, 2011
We asked some area residents what they thought of the new federal jobs plan presented by President Barack Obama.
12:10 PM Sep 16, 2011
Ohio Department of Commerce Director David Goodman urges Erie County residents to join in the 2011 Unclaimed Funds Treasure Hunt by checking the Sandusky Register on Tuesday.
11:28 AM Sep 16, 2011
It's not easy to understand why a police officer who assaulted another police officer was not charged with assault immediately after other police arrived at the home where the altercation took place. The victim, Huron County deputy Chris Williamson, was obviously injured in the attack, bloodied and bruised about his face.
10:03 AM Sep 16, 2011