They're the places you think of when you think of "college" — leafy campuses, small classes, small towns. Liberal arts colleges are where students ponder life's big questions, and learn to think en route to successful careers and richer lives, if not always to the best-paying first jobs.
6:02 AM Jan 2, 2013
Each year the Register highlights the contributions of three residents who have helped the community in some significant way. recognized
5:00 AM Jan 2, 2013
Legislation to block the "fiscal cliff" is headed to the White House for President Barack Obama's signature. The bill will avoid, for now, the major tax increases and government spending cuts that had been scheduled to take effect with the new year.
11:12 PM Jan 1, 2013
Spoiler alert: This story contains words and phrases that some people want to ban from the English language. "Spoiler alert" is among them. So are "kick the can down the road," ''trending" and "bucket list."
8:06 PM Jan 1, 2013
Since captivating the world with its acrobatic landing, the Mars rover Curiosity has fallen into a rhythm: Drive, snap pictures, zap at boulders, scoop up dirt. Repeat.
6:01 PM Jan 1, 2013
Clemson vs. Ohio State
4:40 PM Jan 1, 2013
These past couple of days have been pretty hectic. I'm extremely happy that the holiday season is starting to come to a close. I had my first FIT Challenge meeting and I was nervous and excited at the same time. We got the chance to meet the trainers and the past members of the FIT Challenge. It...
2:46 PM Jan 1, 2013
A Monroeville man is in hot water after allegedly setting fire to a vacant house on his property Saturday on Patten Tract Road.
2:43 PM Jan 1, 2013
It's been almost 60 years since James McEachin returned home with a bullet still lodged in his chest, finding an America indifferent toward the troops who fought in Korea. Now he will get the homecoming parade he had expected.
1:01 PM Jan 1, 2013
Children don't have the proper paperwork to get on a U.N. flight
1:00 PM Jan 1, 2013
From the glittering New Year's ball dropping in Times Square to joyous fireworks in London and cheers in a once-isolated Asian country, the world did its best to ring in 2013 with hope for renewal after a year of economic uncertainty, searing violence and natural disasters.
11:55 AM Jan 1, 2013

My topic this week is how tight lipped the City Manager is about city items on hold and the status of the budget.

11:01 AM Jan 1, 2013
Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who made a fortune as a health care executive, long opposed President Barack Obama's remake of the health insurance market. After the Democratic president won re-election, the Republican governor softened his tone. He said he wanted to "have a conversation" with the administration about implementing the 2010 law. With a federal deadline approaching, he also said while Florida won't set up the exchange for individuals to buy private insurance policies, the feds can do it.
9:06 AM Jan 1, 2013
WASHINGTON (AP) — Hours past a self-imposed deadline for action, the Senate passed legislation early New Year's Day to neutralize a fiscal cliff combination of across-the-board tax increases and spending cuts that kicked in at midnight. The pre-dawn vote was a lopsided 89-8.
8:39 AM Jan 1, 2013