James Gallagher will serve 10 years in prison for photographing teen boys in the nude.
11:01 AM Mar 30, 2011
Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty is planning to give a keynote address during a visit to northeast Ohio, a highly contested swing state in presidential politics.
10:49 AM Mar 30, 2011
Texas investment banker Geoffrey Raynor is finally getting the special meeting he wanted - a powwow for all Cedar Fair investors.
10:44 AM Mar 30, 2011
A Clyde man was charged with four counts of rape involving a 5-year-old girl he knew, Sandusky County prosecutors said.
10:28 AM Mar 30, 2011
Call it a promotion without the raise. Bellevue's only full-time detective has been given additional duties while the police department copes with a staff shortage.
5:07 AM Mar 30, 2011
A Sandusky police officer commandeered a golf cart to chase down a theft suspect Monday afternoon.
11:52 PM Mar 29, 2011
Two men arrested in a February stabbing in downtown Clyde have been indicted on two counts each of attempted murder.
11:52 PM Mar 29, 2011
(UPDATED AT 10:40 P.M.) A panel of Ohio lawmakers made a bill to limit collective bargaining rights for 350,000 public workers even tougher for unions on Tuesday, as the state moved closer to Wisconsin-style restrictions.
10:40 PM Mar 29, 2011
Erie County commissioners believe employees have the right to negotiate their wages.
5:41 PM Mar 29, 2011
Here feral kitty, kitty. Nearly 400 feral cats have been captured, fixed and released back into Sandusky since the Erie County Humane Society began treating cats in April 2009.
3:56 PM Mar 29, 2011
Bellevue city council voted 6-1 to approve the 2011 budget and override Mayor David Kile's veto, despite Kile's concerns that the budget may cost the city $2.4 million in state funding for its main thoroughfare.
3:53 PM Mar 29, 2011
Of nearly 200 people polled, about 75 percent of voters disapproved of Gov. John Kasich's idea to lease or sell the turnpike to a private company.
3:36 PM Mar 29, 2011
Chili's, 5200 Milan Road, will hold a Give Back Night for Kids Care Clubs event from 11 a.m. until closing Wednesday, donating 10 percent from each guest check.
2:07 PM Mar 29, 2011
(UPDATED AT 1:39 P.M.) The Hayes Avenue Underpass project came in a little over budget. In fact, about 10 percent more than Sandusky officials planned for the project.
1:36 PM Mar 29, 2011
Q: Jason, I have two questions regarding local cases in the courts: 1] When is former police chief Tim McClung going to be sentenced? 2] What is the status of the charges against Jim Gallagher? - Rich in Perkins Township
12:27 PM Mar 29, 2011