When a popular Internet travel site rated the 20 best family vacation destinations, it found only one in Ohio - and it's right here.
1:07 PM Apr 9, 2011
Perilously close to a government shutdown, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders reached a historic agreement late Friday night to cut about $38 billion in spending and avert the first federal closure in 15 years.
10:08 AM Apr 9, 2011
Whether you proudly sport ink or just like looking at it, there's something for you at the Sandusky Cultural Center's last show of the season.
8:07 AM Apr 9, 2011
Former Perkins Township police Chief Tim McClung wept Friday as U.S. District Court Judge James Carr sentenced him to a year in federal prison.
1:07 AM Apr 9, 2011
Congress has repealed a much-hated new rule that would have imposed new paperwork burdens on small businesses.
1:06 AM Apr 9, 2011
Michele Bachmann isn't as famous as Charlie Sheen.
1:03 AM Apr 9, 2011
An Elyria man suffered serious injuries Thursday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash on U.S. 20 in Huron County.
4:44 PM Apr 8, 2011
Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers have charged a Fremont man with his fifth offense of operating a vehicle under the influence, a fourth-degree felony.
4:23 PM Apr 8, 2011
Sam Jeremay broke his back, neck, knee and skull in a crash in which the other driving was texting someone. Allison Priess, another driver, killed someone. On Thursday, Jeremay, Priess and other speakers warned students of the distracted-driving dangers.
4:18 PM Apr 8, 2011
Q: Jason, What happened with the motion filed by city officials to have the old American Crayon building demolished? - Scott from Rockwell Street
11:10 AM Apr 8, 2011
In addition to the city's first public beach that has already been completed, Lions Park will unveil a new splash pad, playground areas, basketball courts and restrooms by Sept. 1.
10:11 AM Apr 8, 2011

Nothing new to report this week. Had four good workouts. We did legs,chest and back, and I also played basketball on Wednesday the 30th.

10:08 AM Apr 8, 2011
When Norwalk Schools started talks last spring about re-grouping the elementary schools by grade level, the focus was on improving education.
9:07 AM Apr 8, 2011