A group of parents, most with eighth grade students at Danbury Middle School, have banded together to protest what they say is a vulgar book their children had to read aloud in language arts class.
8:13 AM Feb 14, 2013
Cleveland's historic West Side Market has been cleaned up after a recent fire and is set to reopen on Monday.
6:06 AM Feb 14, 2013
One weekend and a good poker face could make you a winner.
5:05 AM Feb 14, 2013
An Ohio school district decided Tuesday night to keep a portrait of Jesus hanging in the school where it's been 65 years, denying a federal lawsuit's claim the portrait's display unconstitutionally promotes religion in a public school.
8:17 PM Feb 13, 2013
Coaches and officials in Ohio's youth sports leagues could face criminal penalties for violating a new state law governing young athletes' concussions and head injuries.
6:03 PM Feb 13, 2013
A police dog and its handler nearly fell through the ceiling of a Bellevue home Saturday while searching for a wanted man in an attic.
4:00 PM Feb 13, 2013

Q: My boyfriend and I have been together around eight months.  At first I trusted him fully but now it seems like past relationship issues are creeping up on me and making me think I have a reason not to trust him.

3:04 PM Feb 13, 2013
City manager Nicole Ard fired a department head for allegedly deceiving colleagues and showing dishonesty when buying sand from his brother’s company.
2:06 PM Feb 13, 2013
Furloughs for civilian Air Force employees could cost Ohio's economy more than $111 million through September, according to military documents obtained by a newspaper.
1:05 PM Feb 13, 2013

This week on the Sandusky History blog we learn about George J. Lehrer, an Abraham Lincoln impersonator who also produced a Sandusky High School play "Every Man."


11:09 AM Feb 13, 2013
Police say they know who pulled the trigger in January shooting near the 500 block of W. Perkins Ave.
10:03 AM Feb 13, 2013
This weekend's Top Five picks has something for everyone, whether you're enjoying Valentine's Day weekend with a special someone or not. We've got music, art, food and more.
10:00 AM Feb 13, 2013
The original Emancipation Proclamation, a document that changed the lives of countless African-Americans during the Civil War, is on display in Nashville as the fragile historical document makes its only stop in the Southeast on a 150th anniversary tour.
9:03 AM Feb 13, 2013