Last fall Izzy Santa was a part of history. Very weird history. Santa, communications director for U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, is the former executive director of Project Veritas.
11:07 AM Apr 11, 2011
One budget deal down, President Barack Obama and Congress began to pivot Sunday from the painful standoff over this year's spending to a pair of defining debates over the nation's borrowing limit and the election-year budget.
10:07 AM Apr 11, 2011
The owner of a local tennis club continues to serve up plans to make a dangerous portion of Milan Road safer.
8:09 AM Apr 11, 2011
Fewer young people in Huron County have been disciplined for felony offenses during the past few years.
7:07 AM Apr 11, 2011
There will be no spring sunshine at Sandusky High School's graduation this year.
1:16 AM Apr 11, 2011
The constant tinkling drip of water into a bucket could be heard as children laughed in the hallways at McPherson Middle School.
2:07 PM Apr 10, 2011
Rivals in a divided government, President Barack Obama and the most powerful Republican in Congress split their differences to stave off a federal shutdown that neither combatant was willing to risk.
1:08 PM Apr 10, 2011
Thousands of people seeking to repeal Ohio's new collective bargaining law rallied Saturday at the Statehouse, vowing to get a referendum on the next ballot and promising to remember the political fight over the measure when they choose which candidates to support in future elections.
11:07 AM Apr 10, 2011
Tarah Guy has a simple explanation for why she didn't pay her fines and court costs when she was convicted of a minor alcohol charge.
10:07 AM Apr 10, 2011
Residents of Perkins Township: Don't be alarmed.
7:07 AM Apr 10, 2011
Local Tea Party members hoped to educate local residents and inspire more government involvement during a daylong event Saturday at Lyman Harbor.
10:11 PM Apr 9, 2011
State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, was elected to the Ohio House in 2008.
10:09 PM Apr 9, 2011
Some might argue Charlie Sheen doesn't need any help getting people to pay attention to him - his bizarre rants have dominated headlines and talk shows for weeks.
10:06 PM Apr 9, 2011
Many were called, but only four were chosen.
4:53 PM Apr 9, 2011
Like a buoy in the bay, expansion plans for the Sandusky Yacht Club are sitting idle.
4:14 PM Apr 9, 2011