Deputies are looking for a suspected band of burglars who stole everything but the kitchen sink from a Darrow Road house.
11:04 AM Apr 11, 2012
Sandusky leaders made traveling around the area a bit easier for those living on the city's west side without a car.
11:02 AM Apr 11, 2012
Strangers donated the beautifully embroidered wedding dress, the two rings, the honeymoon time-share in Aruba. They acted quickly, too, because the bride was dying of cancer. Or so she said.
10:00 AM Apr 11, 2012
If it gets built, they will come. But they might have to build it themselves.
9:00 AM Apr 11, 2012
Two public school teachers and a school administrator who call themselves "The Three Amigos" are sharing part of last month's record Mega Millions jackpot, planning for trips to Europe, new homes and their children's college funds, Maryland Lottery officials said Tuesday.
6:00 AM Apr 11, 2012
Months before Ohio authorities were forced to kill dozens of dangerous wild creatures let loose from their cages last fall, an animal owners group had been working with officials to help write proposed regulations on exotic animals in the state.
8:07 PM Apr 10, 2012
Teen births fell again in the United States in 2010 with the highest rate once more in Mississippi, according to a new government report.
5:07 PM Apr 10, 2012
Bowing to the inevitable, Rick Santorum quit the presidential campaign Tuesday, clearing the way for Mitt Romney to claim the Republican nomination.
3:49 PM Apr 10, 2012
Four more passengers of the Oct. 22 hayride crash on Patten Tract Road have filed a lawsuit in Erie County Common Pleas Court.
3:07 PM Apr 10, 2012
A woman posed as a veterinarian at an animal clinic, treating dogs and cats for nearly two years, including some that apparently died in her care, police said.
2:07 PM Apr 10, 2012

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Wow, I made it through Easter holiday. I am very proud of myself, because I did not let temptation win. I followed my diet exactly how I was supposed to. It was a challenge, but I stood my ground and refused to eat all of what my family had for Easter dinner.

1:39 PM Apr 10, 2012
Black walnut was in the news in recent months as former presidential contender Herman Cain's favorite flavor of ice cream. But master herbalist Mary Colvin writes this month about the tree's medicinal benefits.
1:23 PM Apr 10, 2012
Police say a Sandusky trio is responsible for a countywide string of burglaries, including the theft of at least two piggy banks.
1:03 PM Apr 10, 2012