Kreimes Sandusky Cardinal grocery store hosted two heart-pounding minutes of Run for a Smile Sweepstakes on Saturday - a mad dash to fill up two carts with groceries.
6:09 PM Dec 19, 2011
Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Monday touted the state's improved employment picture since he took office a year ago, and said he will push for tougher regulations on oil and natural gas drilling in his second year that begins next month.
4:54 PM Dec 19, 2011
A new Sandusky organization formed by several city residents proceeded with the next step to potentially change how the city manager is chosen.
4:48 PM Dec 19, 2011
Several reindeer will make their annual appearance in downtown Sandusky's Washington Park starting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday. The event is scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. near Santa's Cookie House.
3:47 PM Dec 19, 2011

All right, the kids have a week off next week and, if they are like mine, you are going to want them to run out all of their energy on a hamster wheel as they fill up on holiday treats.

3:46 PM Dec 19, 2011
The following area military members will be away for the holidays. Send them a card or note at these addresses:
2:55 PM Dec 19, 2011
After having no contact with her soldier husband for a week, Jeannette Juroff was relieved to hear his voice when the phone rang at 3 a.m. Sunday.
2:51 PM Dec 19, 2011
Ohio motorists have an early holiday gift at the gas pump: prices that are down 15 cents from last week.
2:09 PM Dec 19, 2011
Corso's has a new look. Open spaces and a brighter feel now greet shoppers to Corso's Flower and Garden Center.
11:46 AM Dec 19, 2011
Government climate watchers say northern Ohio has at least a 50 percent chance of a white Christmas.
11:38 AM Dec 19, 2011
Kim Jong Il, the mercurial and enigmatic North Korean leader whose iron rule and nuclear ambitions dominated world security fears for more than a decade, has died. He was 69.
10:54 AM Dec 19, 2011
The water is rising beneath the feet of Bellevue residents. Massive flooding is likely on the way.
10:54 AM Dec 19, 2011
When thrill seekers jetted down water slides and fell from jaw-dropping heights on roller coasters in 2011, they also propelled Erie County's income stream.
9:00 AM Dec 19, 2011
The Senate voted Saturday to temporarily avert a Jan. 1 payroll tax increase and benefit cutoff for the long-time unemployed, but forcing a reluctant President Barack Obama to make an election-year choice between unions and environmentalists over whether to build an oil pipeline through the heart of the country.
3:00 PM Dec 18, 2011
Before they even have a job, buy a house or start a family, many college graduates already carry hefty baggage.
1:00 PM Dec 18, 2011