President Obama blends the threat of military action with the hope of a diplomatic solution as he works to strip Syria of its chemical weapons.
11:12 PM Sep 10, 2013
Issues with the city's old machines force some voters to cast their ballots using pen and paper.
8:00 PM Sep 10, 2013
It’s hard to find a Bay View resident who didn’t know Paul “Skeeter” Snyder.
6:56 PM Sep 10, 2013
Keeping good records helps keep streets safe.
6:05 PM Sep 10, 2013
One iPhone model comes at a lower cost while the other aims to be 'the gold standard of smartphones.'
6:00 PM Sep 10, 2013
PointFest, an annual Christian music festival, takes place this Saturday at Cedar Point.
4:30 PM Sep 10, 2013

I watched with interest the attempt of fast food workers to raise their pay by going on strike.

3:00 PM Sep 10, 2013

A  very important literary figure died a few days ago while I was on vacation, but because he wasn't the "right" kind of writer, you might have missed it.

2:54 PM Sep 10, 2013
Dropping out of high school has left many Ohioans struggling to find work as the demand for unskilled labor continues to decline.
2:33 PM Sep 10, 2013
A Lorain man told police he was pistol-whipped and robbed by a group of men Sunday morning in the 400 block of Jackson St.
1:45 PM Sep 10, 2013


Get the police blotter every day in the Register. 


Sandusky Police


September 7, 2013


3:25 p.m. — Fifth and Farwell streets, man said vendor operated without permit; ice cream truck driver said he visited family function, wasn't vending.

1:30 PM Sep 10, 2013
Government-sponsored project aims to reduce methane given off by cows
1:00 PM Sep 10, 2013
Placing water retention structures in the St. Clair River may not be enough to counteract the effects of a warming climate and raise Lakes Huron and Michigan to their normal levels, experts said Monday.
12:40 PM Sep 10, 2013

My topic this week is how important documentation is to government entities and to the public.

12:24 PM Sep 10, 2013
A Sandusky man was arrested Sunday morning after using a frying pan handle to rob a Venice Road gas station, a Sandusky police report said.
12:12 PM Sep 10, 2013