(UPDATED AT 2:35 P.M.) The specter of a partial government shutdown looms again as Congress returns to Washington with Democrats and Republicans as far apart on a bill to keep the government running as they were two weeks ago.
2:33 PM Mar 28, 2011
Workers discovered new pools of radioactive water leaking from Japan's crippled nuclear complex, officials said Monday, as emergency crews struggled to pump out hundreds of tons of contaminated water and bring the plant back under control.
2:04 PM Mar 28, 2011

On March 19, the day Officer Andrew Dunn was killed, I told myself that his death could have one of two effects on the town that I have made a home and a town I love to work in every day. Sandusky would either come closer together or grow further apart.

1:54 PM Mar 28, 2011
Legislative leaders in Ohio are planning to change language in a collective bargaining bill to ensure police and firefighters could negotiate over safety vests and other gear.
12:50 PM Mar 28, 2011
Sales pitches to buy lottery tickets have been more successful recently, with the prospect of record jackpots enticing even infrequent lotto players to try their luck.
11:45 AM Mar 28, 2011
Sandusky officials said a criminal investigation into shoddy home repairs is ongoing, but they know nothing about the progress.
9:55 AM Mar 28, 2011
Jim and Karen Grodzicki watched in horror as the tragedy in Japan unfolded on their television screen. Cities in flames. Buildings toppling to the ground.
9:51 AM Mar 28, 2011
Toby Mollaun has learned a few things since getting into the dry-cleaning business Always look at the care labels on clothes, for instance, and always check the pockets.
9:40 AM Mar 28, 2011
A Fremont man faces federal wire-fraud charges after working with conspirators in Nigeria and Ghana to scam at least 18 people out of $69,000, police said.
2:07 PM Mar 27, 2011
Nickel Plate Park beach might be cleaner and calmer this summer with a new ban on dogs during certain hours.
1:08 PM Mar 27, 2011
After years of listening to twisting metal and shattering glass from 250 crashes on a deadly road, Bay Township residents want solutions.
11:07 AM Mar 27, 2011
When Valerie Mettler learned of the shooting death of Officer Andrew Dunn, she felt the all-too-familiar pangs for his wife and young boys.
9:48 AM Mar 27, 2011
Some city residents -- including several former Sandusky High School basketball stars -- are calling for a coaching change in the boys basketball program.
8:07 AM Mar 27, 2011
State Rep. Dennis Murray of Sandusky, a Democrat, and state Rep. Terry Boose of Norwalk, a Republican, disagree on many issues.
6:07 AM Mar 27, 2011
A man trying to get into the Army lost 63 pounds in less than four months - an extreme diet that helped lead to his death - and the Army says it is now investigating his mother's allegation that military recruiters had coached him on how to shed weight.
11:49 PM Mar 26, 2011