My topic this week is engaging your government.

11:04 AM Feb 26, 2013
Authorities say one man was killed and another was injured at an energy company's work site in eastern Ohio.
9:27 AM Feb 26, 2013
With his striking beard and starched uniform, former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop became one of the most recognizable figures of the Reagan era — and one of the most unexpectedly enduring.
9:00 AM Feb 26, 2013
City commissioners vote to hile park rental rates at 25 public properies in the city.
8:03 AM Feb 26, 2013
A teenager suspected of killing three students in an Ohio high school cafeteria a year ago is due back in court Tuesday.
7:32 AM Feb 26, 2013

The book in question, “Fallen Angels,” is a gritty, realistic look at the Vietnam War from the perspective of one soldier.

The 1988 novel, a winner of the Coretta Scott King Award, delves into controversial subjects from racism to war in general.

6:25 AM Feb 26, 2013
A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
6:12 AM Feb 26, 2013
The nation's midsection again dealt with blizzard conditions Monday, the storm bringing hurricane-force winds to the Texas Panhandle, closing highways and knocking out power to thousands in Texas and Oklahoma.
6:00 AM Feb 26, 2013
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5:39 AM Feb 26, 2013
A woman whose dog was killed Thursday will be arraigned Wednesday in Sandusky Municipal Court, but she's aiming to rally support from the communty for "Lucy," a large-breed Rottweiller.
4:56 AM Feb 26, 2013
Inclement weather is on the way.
4:06 AM Feb 26, 2013
The school board meets this evening to review options concerning an emergency tax levy for the May ballot.
4:26 PM Feb 25, 2013
A man’s desperate plea to avoid jail time — while getting arrested — failed Saturday morning.
1:56 PM Feb 25, 2013