A Cleveland man pleaded guilty Monday in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court to pandering obscenity involving a minor and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.
7:07 AM Apr 12, 2011
Gracey Crabtree, 7, grins as she cradles a chirping handful of fuzz in her first-grade classroom.
6:07 AM Apr 12, 2011
Information about educational and career opportunities will be available to all comers Wednesday at Sandusky High School's first Transition Fair.
5:07 AM Apr 12, 2011
The biggest version yet of Boeing's iconic 747 could soon be flying into airports that have never seen aircraft that large, raising hackles among some airport neighbors.
1:20 AM Apr 12, 2011
A Sandusky woman stole tens of thousands of dollars from two local churches where she worked as a bookkeeper, police said.
12:16 AM Apr 12, 2011
There's no bull about Erie County's investment income.
12:05 AM Apr 12, 2011
The way she sees it, God called her to write it.
1:08 PM Apr 11, 2011
Last fall Izzy Santa was a part of history. Very weird history. Santa, communications director for U.S. Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, is the former executive director of Project Veritas.
11:07 AM Apr 11, 2011
One budget deal down, President Barack Obama and Congress began to pivot Sunday from the painful standoff over this year's spending to a pair of defining debates over the nation's borrowing limit and the election-year budget.
10:07 AM Apr 11, 2011
The owner of a local tennis club continues to serve up plans to make a dangerous portion of Milan Road safer.
8:09 AM Apr 11, 2011
Fewer young people in Huron County have been disciplined for felony offenses during the past few years.
7:07 AM Apr 11, 2011
There will be no spring sunshine at Sandusky High School's graduation this year.
1:16 AM Apr 11, 2011
The constant tinkling drip of water into a bucket could be heard as children laughed in the hallways at McPherson Middle School.
2:07 PM Apr 10, 2011
Rivals in a divided government, President Barack Obama and the most powerful Republican in Congress split their differences to stave off a federal shutdown that neither combatant was willing to risk.
1:08 PM Apr 10, 2011