A rural school district in Ohio is drawing attention with its plans to arm a handful of its non-teaching employees with handguns this year — perhaps even janitors.
9:08 AM Jan 14, 2013
The world didn't end on Dec. 21, 2012, the last day in the Mayan calendar. So now Perkins Township trustees must face a different kind of doomsday scenario: Raise new revenues or cut services.
8:02 AM Jan 14, 2013
Downsize Fitness is an exclusive health club, evocative of the nation's trendiest gyms. But there's a strict requirement to join: You must be 50 pounds or more overweight.
6:52 AM Jan 14, 2013
The video game industry, blamed by some for fostering a culture of violence, defended its practices Friday at a White House meeting exploring how to prevent horrific shootings like the recent Connecticut elementary school massacre.
6:01 AM Jan 14, 2013

There was a city-wide vote in November 2011 that asked whether the city government should be realigned and reformed; 45 percent of voters said it should.

5:45 AM Jan 14, 2013
Kids who learn to love books tend to grow up to be good students.
5:01 AM Jan 14, 2013
A scorched late-night snack filled an entire apartment with smoke early Sunday morning.
4:23 PM Jan 13, 2013
Organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Give Kids the World aim to give children with serious illnesses a happy experience.
3:20 PM Jan 13, 2013
A Port Clinton man suffered life-threatending injuries early Sunday morning after his car veered off the road and smashed into an iron beam supporting a roadside billboard.
1:04 PM Jan 13, 2013
The U.S. trade deficit expanded in November to its widest point in seven months, driven by a surge in imports that outpaced only modest growth in exports.
1:02 PM Jan 13, 2013
Sandusky and Perkins firefighters together fought blazes that destroyed more than $1 million in property in the 44870 ZIP code throughout 2012.
11:01 AM Jan 13, 2013
A new year was just beginning — an extraordinary year, in which so much would change.
9:05 AM Jan 13, 2013
At least gasoline should cost you less in 2013.
6:01 AM Jan 13, 2013