The state should transfer mentally ill juvenile inmates to psychiatric facilities as soon as possible and find money for their treatment, according to a new report on the status of Ohio's youth prison system.
4:46 PM Jan 6, 2012
FirstEnergy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials were matter-of-fact at a public meeting Thursday as they talked about their decision last month to turn on Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, despite serious safety concerns.
11:59 AM Jan 6, 2012
Locked-out tire company workers in Ohio are in a new dispute with management - about whether it backed out of new talks.
10:51 AM Jan 6, 2012
On a doorstep outside a family home, a father wondered why police had to shoot his son in the hall of the boy's middle school. In an office across town, a police chief insisted that his officers had no choice.
10:41 AM Jan 6, 2012
U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown 100 percent supports President Barack Obama's decision to pull soldiers from Iraq and end a war campaign that began a decade ago.
10:40 AM Jan 6, 2012
River Otters could be returning to Northwest Ohio. Wildlife officials have documented the first river otter to appear in Putnam County in almost 100 years.
10:40 AM Jan 6, 2012
The 2011 holiday shopping season will go down in the record books as the year the Grinch stole stores' profits.
6:37 PM Jan 5, 2012

This week on Five Points with Emil and Andy, the guys discuss the NAACP letter to Sandusky police, the GOP presidential race and having bad days.


4:05 PM Jan 5, 2012
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Blowing up buildings for a living keeps an Idaho family traveling all around the world.
3:07 PM Jan 5, 2012
Cedar Fair announced today attendance at its 17 parks increased 2.6 percent in 2011, soaring to 23.4 million visitors.
2:38 PM Jan 5, 2012
Federal regulators along with the operators of nuclear plant in Ohio are expected to give more insight into what's causing cracks found in a concrete shell surrounding the reactor.
2:28 PM Jan 5, 2012
Police in Ohio say a man was stabbed in a fight over a music video and the victim not knowing that singer Beyonce is married to rapper Jay-Z.
12:04 PM Jan 5, 2012
The home of President Rutherford B. Hayes in northwest Ohio will close for more than a month starting Jan. 24 during the last major phase of a $1.2 million makeover.
11:49 AM Jan 5, 2012
U.S. Tsubaki strikers and Machinists union leaders united in solidarity Wednesday outside the chain-manufacturing plant on Edgewater Avenue.
10:40 AM Jan 5, 2012
(UPDATED WITH PDFs) The Sandusky chapter of the NAACP is calling for the police department to conduct an internal review about how it treats residents.
10:39 AM Jan 5, 2012