The Ohio Senate's Republican leader says he's asking a group of state lawmakers to review legal questions related to a bill that would ban abortions at the first detectable fetal heartbeat.
6:08 PM Oct 4, 2011
Campaigns on each side of Ohio's contentious collective bargaining law are seeking to sway voters to support their cause through town-hall style telephone calls and events across the state, as early voting for this fall's election began Tuesday.
6:04 PM Oct 4, 2011
Distracted driving is on the rise, and with it the number of automobile crashes that result from unsafe behavior, according to the Norwalk Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
3:38 PM Oct 4, 2011
Opponents of Senate Bill 5 are bringing the fight to your doorstep.
2:02 PM Oct 4, 2011

This past week went well. I got my work schedule set and I can make it to the gym more often. I worked out every day last week, except for Friday and Saturday when I got sick.

1:09 PM Oct 4, 2011

Things are going good my way. I lost 3 pounds. I went to the gym to do my weight circuits as well as some cardio and free weights.

1:08 PM Oct 4, 2011

Well my wife sent me a picture of all the junk food my daughter and her friends consumed during their sleep over the other night. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at it.

1:03 PM Oct 4, 2011
An ex-convict from northeast Ohio is charged with strangling his mother and bludgeoning and shooting his father to death.
1:00 PM Oct 4, 2011
Drug dealers around Ohio are developing new sources for prescription painkillers by buying them from senior citizens, sometimes as the patients leave pharmacies, according to a state report to be released this week that shows Ohio's prescription painkiller epidemic is continuing and in some cases may be getting worse.
11:48 AM Oct 4, 2011
Cleveland Road in Huron has reopened to traffic. It has been closed since mid-July for a bridge reconstruction project.
11:40 AM Oct 4, 2011
Diedre Cole has announced that she will run this November for the city commission seat she was appointed to in late 2010 after Brett Fuqua resigned from his term early.
11:05 AM Oct 4, 2011
Let the sun shine in. Sarah Weber and Jason Werling get you up to date on the latest local forecast, birthdays and coming features.
10:56 AM Oct 4, 2011

Thursday's paper (8-29) has a letter to the editor from Ronald Kaufman of Sandusky, which features a series of aphorisms that you've probably read before, e.g.:

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

10:22 AM Oct 4, 2011
A man accused of using a screwdriver to stab his wife repeatedly - she later died from her injuries - will undergo an evaluation at a Toledo facility to determine his mental status.
8:00 AM Oct 4, 2011
A man charged with a gruesome home invasion had gas on his boots, pants and sweatshirt, a state lab official testified Monday, potentially undermining defense efforts to blame a co-defendant for dousing the house in gas before setting it on fire.
6:00 AM Oct 4, 2011