Could the Internet mean the end of snow days? Some schools think so, and they are experimenting with ways for students to do lessons online during bad weather, potentially allowing classes to go on during even the worst blizzard.
6:17 PM May 17, 2011

If you don't follow social media news, you may have missed the latest headline: pop singer Lady Gaga now has 10 million followers on Twitter.

Actually, she's already surpassed that. As of Tuesday afternoon, @ladygaga had 10,110,842 followers.

5:24 PM May 17, 2011

I am back from vacation and back in the gym. To my surprise I was actually down 2 pounds!

4:56 PM May 17, 2011

Hi again,

Well my first month with no loss.  Even though I weighed in at 253 at the beginning of last week, I seemed to have gained a few since.

4:50 PM May 17, 2011

Had a pretty good workout week. Ran barefoot for the most part and did my workouts in bare feet. I do not mind these workouts, it's different.

The only bad thing is that I only worked out twice last week, but it's OK. I still do stuff on my own and those two workouts were intense.

4:44 PM May 17, 2011
A 32-year-old Sandusky man was arrested this weekend for hitting his former girlfriend with a wooden tray and trashing her home, Sandusky police said.
1:13 PM May 17, 2011
(UPDATED WITH VIDEO AT 1 P.M.) The Sandusky Schools Board of Education approved a motion Monday to talk with Perkins about whether it makes sense to merge two or more school districts in Erie County.
1:03 PM May 17, 2011
Q: Nice column! Can you tell me what's the nature of the business going into the old VW dealership on Cleveland Road? - Dan from Perkins Township
11:41 AM May 17, 2011
The Sandusky Board of Education voted Monday to ax 55.5 jobs, ranging from the director of Jackson Learning Center to a courier and six custodians whose jobs will be reduced from 12 months to 10.
11:30 AM May 17, 2011
Some local residents are suing Erie County commissioners, alleging they acted carelessly in renovating the county-owned nursing home.
11:06 AM May 17, 2011
Someone stole recital costumes, fundraiser money and trashed the studio of the Sandusky Dance Academy last weekend, putting this weekend's recital in major jeopardy.
9:21 AM May 17, 2011
A man considered to be among the world's top spider smugglers was sentenced to six months in federal prison Monday for bringing hundreds of tarantulas into the United States by mail.
9:14 AM May 17, 2011
Perkins patrol officers now have the capability to record audio and video with one of their newest -- and coolest -- accessories.
8:01 AM May 17, 2011
Police say the homeless man was apparently crushed to death in a recycling truck that had picked up material from a shopping center's recycling bin where he had crawled inside and fallen asleep.
8:27 PM May 16, 2011
Trump said he could have won the White House, but instead he will continue to steer his business empire and remain host of his reality show "Celebrity Apprentice."
8:21 PM May 16, 2011