A Willard woman head-butted an officer in the face Sunday morning outside the Plymouth police station, according to a police report.
3:00 PM Aug 7, 2012
Authorities say a Cleveland-area man has been arrested for carrying a gun, ammunition and several knives into a showing of the "The Dark Knight Rises."
2:04 PM Aug 7, 2012
Visitors injected about $1.5 billion into Erie and Ottawa counties during 2011, according to a recent economic impact study released by the area's travel bureau, Lake Erie Shores & Islands.
1:57 PM Aug 7, 2012
Almost 11 months after MetroParks commissioners agreed to forfeit the 6-mile Huron River Greenway trail and allow the River Road residents to reclaim the riverbed as their own, both sides amicably progressed to end the dispute forever.
12:13 PM Aug 7, 2012
Q: I drove by Perkins High School and the new stadium looks great. Will it be totally finished by the time school starts? Thanks! - KS in Perkins
12:00 PM Aug 7, 2012

The Register ran a story on the Sandusky Bay Pavilion and brought some problems to the forefront; so much so, that a group of concerned citizens recently met with Ohio Department of Natural Resources to see what could be done with the park.

11:20 AM Aug 7, 2012
A federal judge is allowing 15 military groups to intervene in a lawsuit against Ohio's top elections official filed by President Barack Obama's campaign.
10:57 AM Aug 7, 2012
There are a lot of amazing things in a river if you just look. And that is what a group of seven to nine year olds did Thursday afternoon as they waded into the Huron river with nets in hand. At their sides were naturalilsts Jess Henning, Charlene Margetiak, season workers Michael McCluren, Andy Sinwald and myself. It was all part of River Stomp, sponsored by Erie MetroParks.
10:47 AM Aug 7, 2012
Waterfront activities already reign supreme in north-central Ohio, with boats zipping from marinas to nearby islands in Lake Erie and barge parties attracting thousands to Sandusky Bay.
10:44 AM Aug 7, 2012
A four-day jury trial ended with enough guilty verdicts to put Justin Stowers in prison for up to 21 years, in addition to the six he's already serving for his role in a shooting last year.
10:43 AM Aug 7, 2012
America needs a national energy policy that specifically includes the use of fossil fuels and creates a stable regulatory environment that encourages growth and job creation, executives in the coal, natural gas and electricity industries said Monday.
10:00 AM Aug 7, 2012
From the Reader Forum on the Opinion Page in today's Register, Aug. 7, 2012: In recent months I have spoken publicly about the actions of two current Huron School board members and one former member and have submitted letters to both the Register disputing information they voluntarily put out in the public.
7:16 AM Aug 7, 2012
Nicole Ard informed city commissioners in an email on Monday she was taking a leave of absence to attend to a family emergency.
12:02 AM Aug 7, 2012