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4:20 AM Sep 20, 2013
Sheriff seeks answers as to how the skeletal remains, 1969 Camaro and early 1950s Chevrolet ended up submerged 40 years ago
8:00 PM Sep 19, 2013
UPDATED WITH 911 CALL: Driver clocked at high speeds moments before crash that killed woman, injured others.
7:40 PM Sep 19, 2013
Man, 18, leads police on high-speed chase in stolen vehicle.
6:36 PM Sep 19, 2013
Ohio’s recent texting-while-driving ban has now gone into full swing in Erie County, after one local woman was cited for the offense following a two-car crash on Patten Tract Road this month.
6:32 PM Sep 19, 2013
Flood damage to roads, railroads and other infrastructure will affect the region's energy production for months
6:00 PM Sep 19, 2013
When documentary filmmaker Tom Koba died in 2007, he left behind an almost-completed documentary on the Battle of Lake Erie and the Perry Peace Memorial. Koba’s friends have completed “Perry Monument — Memorial to Peace,” and the 44-minute documentary has just been released.
5:26 PM Sep 19, 2013
Multiple sources reporting first-round pick running back is heading to Indianapolis.
5:25 PM Sep 19, 2013
As a familiar face paraded to the front of the room and belted out a series of well-known radio hits, Phyllis Wassner jumped from her seat to cheerfully cut a rug.
4:22 PM Sep 19, 2013
Karen Strand didn't think she'd get in trouble for having a small container of medical marijuana when she went hiking in Olympic National Park this summer.
4:20 PM Sep 19, 2013
In today's world it literally and metaphorically pays to be worldly. Understanding others' languages and cultures can open up untold business and social networking opportunities!
2:48 PM Sep 19, 2013

The Stories of James, Dana, Tammy and the Webers

2:41 PM Sep 19, 2013
Chad Hoopes is used to being called a “prodigy.” Now the aging wunderkind — he’s all of 19 now — can go by another description: award winner.
2:40 PM Sep 19, 2013
Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans will become eligible on Oct. 1 to sign up for health insurance heavily subsidized by the federal government.
1:53 PM Sep 19, 2013