Huron officials have green-lighted plans to remove one traffic signal and possibly two others in the near future.
4:02 PM Jan 30, 2013

Q: I have been getting overly jealous about this girl lately. My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years and we love each other of course. We are both in our freshman year of college.

3:09 PM Jan 30, 2013
How does a triathlon sound? Yeah, it scares me too. But there is a "not your average" triathlon coming up in nearby Maumee this May. The 28th Annual Maumee Valley Tri-Adventure Race is on Saturday, May 18, and includes a 36-mile bike, 6-mile canoe/kayak paddle and an 8-mile hike. One rule of the...
2:50 PM Jan 30, 2013
The drunken cousin of a convicted cop-killer badgered police as they arrested him Monday night, calling for someone to “put them all in the dirt,” according to a Sandusky police report.
2:38 PM Jan 30, 2013
Customers who buy natural gas from two Ohio providers will pay less in February thanks to high production from shale gas wells and other factors.
1:01 PM Jan 30, 2013
A 26-year-old Bellevue man died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head just west of the Erie County Sheriff's Department parking lot along Columbus Avenue on Wednesday morning.
11:33 AM Jan 30, 2013

This week on the Ohio's Yesterdays blog, we learn about Sandusky's days at the "Ice Capital of the Great Lakes."

11:02 AM Jan 30, 2013
In the gently rolling hills of Oklahoma ranch country is a place that has seen more than its share of destructive weather — tornadoes, ice storms and floods, year after year, for half of the last decade.
9:04 AM Jan 30, 2013
About three months after a toddler starved to death in a Vermilion Township home, the state has begun investigating Erie County Job and Family Services.
8:07 AM Jan 30, 2013
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Experts weigh in on which foods give you a boost in the bedroom.
6:55 AM Jan 30, 2013
A big government study has fingered leafy greens like lettuce and spinach as the leading source of food poisoning, a perhaps uncomfortable conclusion for health officials who want us to eat our vegetables.
6:05 AM Jan 30, 2013
The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory in effect until noon today.
5:35 AM Jan 30, 2013
Your local Kroger is well on its way to becoming bigger and better.
5:00 AM Jan 30, 2013