Everybody's favorite pose- corpse pose. Okay, perhaps not everybody's favorite but one we all enjoy! Savasana is actually a posture or asana believe it or not. Your body is kept still while your mind is alert and focused. This asana allows your senses to withdraw from the outside world so the body...
5:50 AM Jul 30, 2013
Gigantic masses of plastic bits, some visible only through a microscope, retrieved last year from lakes Superior, Huron and Erie
8:00 PM Jul 29, 2013
Anthony Castro says he will not visit his father, who kidnapped, raped and enslaved three women
6:00 PM Jul 29, 2013

The Erie County Courthouse has been in the news recently, as court records are now available online.

3:00 PM Jul 29, 2013
Doctor with Turner syndrome adopts young Chinese child with same diagnosis
1:00 PM Jul 29, 2013
Erie County Water Division shut off water again Monday after discovering leaking water main valve
12:53 PM Jul 29, 2013

I'm spending today in an environmental seminar for journalists put on by an outfit by the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources. 

12:51 PM Jul 29, 2013
Shannon Murphy is not the type to shy away from a challenge.
12:31 PM Jul 29, 2013

This week on the Sandusky History blog, a look at an early 1900s fraternal organization whose benefits included allowing its members to obtain life insurance at a reasonable rate.

11:00 AM Jul 29, 2013
Was still holding bloody knife when help was called
10:42 AM Jul 29, 2013
The art of rescue on the water
9:53 AM Jul 29, 2013
Life's darket moments and tragedies have an odd way of bringing people together.
9:30 AM Jul 29, 2013
Unsealed documents give adoptees peek at past
9:00 AM Jul 29, 2013
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7:30 AM Jul 29, 2013
Sandusky city commissioners Diedre Cole, Keith Grohe, Wes Poole and ex officio mayor John Hamilton voted in favor of retaining the Sandusky Bay Pavilion property; commissioners Pervis Brown, Julie Farrar and Jeff Smith voted against the plan.
6:49 AM Jul 29, 2013