President Barack Obama has won Ohio again, capturing the swing state after a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney.
11:22 PM Nov 6, 2012
Joe the Plumber's bid for a U.S. House seat in Ohio has gone down the drain.
10:48 PM Nov 6, 2012
Democrat Sherrod Brown won re-election to the U.S. Senate on Tuesday after one of the most expensive and closely watched match-ups in the country.
10:46 PM Nov 6, 2012
For the fifth time in 100 years, Ohioans have rejected the chance to revisit Ohio's Constitution.
10:41 PM Nov 6, 2012
Ohio voters have rejected a proposal to change the process for redrawing state legislative and congressional maps.
10:40 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Erie County voters re-elected County Commissioner Pat Shenigo on Tuesday.
5:06 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Long-time Erie County Commission Tom Ferrell has successfully defended his seat, according to unofficial results Tuesday night.
5:05 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Voters approved a 4.9-mill operating levy that will generate $2.4 million in operating funding for Sandusky schools.
5:04 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Jo Dee Fantozz (D) retained her position as Erie County Treasurer.
5:03 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Perkins Township voters approved a fire levy renewal on Tuesday night, but knocked down a township operating levy that would have supported the police and highway department.
5:02 PM Nov 6, 2012
(UPDATED) Incumbent Judge Robert DeLamatre (R) has defended his position against challenger Beverly Newell Hancock (D).
5:01 PM Nov 6, 2012
After many months of grueling campaigning, the waiting stage of the presidential sweepstakes is near as both parties worked furiously to boost turnout and get supporters to the polls.
4:45 PM Nov 6, 2012
Ohio residents are deciding Tuesday whether to re-elect a U.S. senator labeled a career politician by his opponent or send to Washington a U.S. Marine veteran labeled untrustworthy by his rival.
3:17 PM Nov 6, 2012