Karen Strand didn't think she'd get in trouble for having a small container of medical marijuana when she went hiking in Olympic National Park this summer.
4:20 PM Sep 19, 2013
In today's world it literally and metaphorically pays to be worldly. Understanding others' languages and cultures can open up untold business and social networking opportunities!
2:48 PM Sep 19, 2013

The Stories of James, Dana, Tammy and the Webers

2:41 PM Sep 19, 2013
Chad Hoopes is used to being called a “prodigy.” Now the aging wunderkind — he’s all of 19 now — can go by another description: award winner.
2:40 PM Sep 19, 2013
Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans will become eligible on Oct. 1 to sign up for health insurance heavily subsidized by the federal government.
1:53 PM Sep 19, 2013
A Sandusky boy was arrested Monday afternoon after he allegedly threatened to kill a girl while they were both riding a school bus.
1:33 PM Sep 19, 2013

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Sandusky Police


September 16, 2013

1:30 PM Sep 19, 2013
Bikers inject more revenue into county’s coffers
1:06 PM Sep 19, 2013
Treadmill desks are normally set to move at 1 to 2 mph, enough to get the heart rate up, but not too fast to distract from working.
1:00 PM Sep 19, 2013
Starbucks' progressive ways draw fire on guns.
1:00 PM Sep 19, 2013
Aggravated arson and aggravated menacing charges filed against a 20-year-old Sandusky man in February have been dismissed.
12:11 PM Sep 19, 2013
Guess this week's odd item of the week and you will win yourself a burger from the Old Dutch. Hint #1: Four words Hint #2: Not North or South
12:01 PM Sep 19, 2013
Eleven years ago, Ellen Rohrbacher was folding clothes, watching the U.S. Open on her television.
11:40 AM Sep 19, 2013
Teen charged with robbery, concealed weapon and more.
11:11 AM Sep 19, 2013
Traffic cameras at intersections not taking pictures or video, officials say
10:59 AM Sep 19, 2013