Sometimes doing cop calls can get frustrating. Cop calls are when a reporter calls the various law enforcement agencies in the area
SANDUSKY A local children's store won't be full of anything much longer. Full of the
COLLINS A woman died after lightning struck her and her husband following a thunderstorm.
SANDUSKY In the height of its season, the 2,400-acre Sandusky Crushed Stone quarry on Portland Road
VERMILION A company whose president faces bribery charges in connection with construction of the Lor
SANDUSKY A local woman is bringing fairy tales to life in downtown Sandusky. Riding i
SANDUSKY The number of juvenile criminal cases in Erie County remained steady in 2007 -- and that's
SANDUSKY Like a fairy godmother, Shelia Gillespie works long hours behind the scenes to make bridal
SANDUSKY Shouts to diversify Sandusky Schools' teaching staff can be heard loud and clear -- but wha
LAKESIDE-MARBLEHEAD The Lakeside Wooden Boat Society is ready to float people back to another era.
SANDUSKY Sandusky physician Marsha Cooper thought she was doing the right thing when she agreed to s
PERKINS TWP. The Leadership Erie County class of 2008 is showing its support for those who've served
I want to congratulate each and every one of the fine young men in the Gentlemen's Club. They should be very proud of themselves. Th
Thumbs UP to the local NAACP's meet and greet session with Lt. Darryl Edge, new commander of the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Hig
In regards to the reply posted June 14 to the Register's online forums about the Sandusky Drive-In Theater: The person who po
Unless our attitudes in this country get away from self in a quickened way, plants are going to shut down, jobs will continue to be
Obama's opponents want (his refusal of public campaign funds) to be seen as a negative for Obama. It is actually necessary to gear u
MARGARETTA TWP. As Ford Motor Co. continues to scale back production, 136 workers at a local automot
Both Thom Darden and Matt Westerhold are to be commended for the stand they
SANDUSKY A grieving Berlin Heights couple is suing local auto dealer Phil Steinle Jr. over a Sandusk
SANDUSKY A grieving Berlin Heights couple is suing local auto dealer Phil Steinle Jr. over a Sandusk