Students in Mrs. Jami White's kindergarten class at Osborne Elementary just love “Szucs-y."
7:30 AM Apr 15, 2013
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6:30 AM Apr 15, 2013
Woman died hours after she was dug out of an avalanche by fellow hikers.
6:00 AM Apr 15, 2013
After the minimum wage reached $10.10 in 2015, it would automatically continue to rise every year to keep pace with the cost of living.
5:00 AM Apr 15, 2013
Tax revenue flowing to counties gets divvied up
3:04 AM Apr 15, 2013
Both libraries announce giveaways and specials
9:08 PM Apr 14, 2013
Mother fills in for President Obama during weekly radio address.
6:00 AM Apr 14, 2013
Families could soon feel pinch from 'income related' premiums.
6:00 AM Apr 14, 2013

In light of the recent tragedy of the father and daughter on Sandusky Bay, there are probably plenty of people out there that purchased their first kayaks during the holidays and plan on getting them out for paddling this spring.

12:15 AM Apr 14, 2013
Most people know what a personal trainer is and may have considered using one or have used one. Knowing your needs will help you decide if you require the assistance of a personal trainer. First, you must determine what your knowledge of exercise is and the comfort level you have with working out...
2:00 PM Apr 13, 2013
Feeling as though they just won the Super Bowl, the Sandusky High School Band is going to Disney World…this winter. However, such as road trip is a costly affair, which is why the Sandusky Bands and Sandusky Band Parents Organization are putting on a special fundraiser event Saturday at Lyman Harbor.
10:30 AM Apr 13, 2013