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(UPDATED VIDEO AT 6 P.M.) Erie County dispatched a hazardous-materials team to the corner of Hayes and Perkins Avenue this morning, after a liquid latex spill caused a brief but serious scare.
6:03 PM May 19, 2011
The business end of a police chief's gun brought a quick close Wednesday to a two-man crime spree.
4:52 PM May 19, 2011
Q: Hi Jason: On Ohio 2 near Old Woman Creek there are several dozen two-by-four planks planted in a "plot" of about one-half acre. Is someone trying to grow two-by-fours? If not, what gives? - Dick from Marblehead
11:51 AM May 19, 2011
Q: Jason, Can you please tell me why Erie County is legally forbidden to make a direct donation to Erie County Economic Development Corp. (ECEDC) and why that money has to be deposited into another nonprofit first? - Sharon on Fifth Street
11:45 AM May 19, 2011
Ohio could wind up with fewer than its current 88 counties under a moneysaving idea from the state auditor.
11:41 AM May 19, 2011
Ohio State University is warning students to keep parties under control days after a bash that spilled into the street and led to three arrests and three police officers getting injured.
11:19 AM May 19, 2011
High fuel prices may capsize the boating season before it begins.
10:03 AM May 19, 2011
Denarea Swain, 24, was indicted earlier this month on gang, theft and drug charges. Now his mother is behind bars for related crimes.
9:11 AM May 19, 2011
A Bellevue man accused of stabbing two people in downtown Clyde earlier this year has accepted a plea deal for lesser charges.
9:09 AM May 19, 2011
Ohio State will not have to pay for Jim Tressel's legal team as the Buckeyes' coach defends himself against NCAA charges that the knew his players received improper benefits but didn't report it.
9:06 AM May 19, 2011
For the people who have been peering into the window at 129 W. Market St., the wait is over.
8:27 AM May 19, 2011
Ever since birth, Noah Savage has attended two doctors appointments a week.
8:01 AM May 19, 2011
(UPDATED W/ VIDEO AT 11 A.M.) An Erie County judge on Tuesday granted prosecutors access to accused killer Kevin Randleman's medical and institutional records.
7:59 PM May 18, 2011
(UPDATED AT 5:40 P.M.) Gov. John Kasich isn't tickled by Ohio's pinkish driver's license and wants to dump the salmon color that was introduced in 2009 to improve security but has drawn grumbling in some circles.
5:38 PM May 18, 2011
A 20-year-old Sandusky woman took the law into her own hands Tuesday afternoon and chased down a man who allegedly stole her wallet.
4:45 PM May 18, 2011