I love history books, even thick heavily-footnoted academic histories published by university presses, but few books can make the past come alive as vividly as a good historical novel. Here are some of my favorites:

5:28 PM Oct 28, 2013
Perkins firefighters train on Old Railroad.
5:15 PM Oct 28, 2013
• Sivongsak earns Excellence in Mission Award • Hohman receives honorary degree at conference
4:26 PM Oct 28, 2013
Incidents include leaving confiscated marijuana out in open to driving away with gun on top of cruiser
4:20 PM Oct 28, 2013
Any out-of-towners who need ambulance service in Perkins Township will suffer a little financial pain, too.
3:37 PM Oct 28, 2013
The 12th annual Children Helping Children clothing sale is 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 2 at Shoreline Church.
3:36 PM Oct 28, 2013
If I’m in a bad mood, visiting an elementary school is often the best cure.

3:34 PM Oct 28, 2013

Photo #1 - the grand pavilion and bandshell. Photo #2 - the Cedar Point Band, circa 1900.

3:00 PM Oct 28, 2013
After a six-year wait, Perkins Township trustees finally had a burning desire to provide higher wages to part-time firefighters.
2:14 PM Oct 28, 2013
Finances at Sandusky’s public golf course are more worrisome than Tiger Woods’ recent play at major championships.
1:55 PM Oct 28, 2013
Tools help map crops and irrigation, manage fertilizer applications and more
1:00 PM Oct 28, 2013
Chief reprimanded. A satirical newsletter pilfered from a police chief’s desk has ruffled some feathers in Vermilion.
12:44 PM Oct 28, 2013
A former Ohio deputy health commissioner is on the hook for more than $20,000 in fines and court costs for violating 60 zoning codes at his Kelleys Island home.
12:21 PM Oct 28, 2013
Republican leaders in the Ohio Senate want savings from a Medicaid program expansion to finance a 4 percent state income tax cut.
12:19 PM Oct 28, 2013
Written permission from agency needed before gaining access to technology.
11:49 AM Oct 28, 2013