Castalia will welcome home this week Army Sgt. 1st Class Chuck Adkins, 36, who was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on April 16.
10:19 AM Apr 27, 2011
Lockout has turned into limbo for NFL players and owners, and everyone is stuck there for the time being.
9:01 AM Apr 27, 2011
Officials believe tens of thousands of recent Ohio military veterans are missing out on money from the state.
8:15 AM Apr 27, 2011
Family members said they knew Alan and Dawn Atwater were having marital troubles, but they didn't know the extent of the couple's troubles.
8:00 AM Apr 27, 2011
A Sandusky woman is behind bars after she kicked and spit on emergency medical workers who were trying to help her.
7:58 AM Apr 27, 2011
Dozens of people could lose their jobs in another round of cuts proposed for Sandusky Schools.
7:00 AM Apr 27, 2011
Police arrested a 17-year-old boy suspected of firing shots at a Sandusky man early Sunday morning.
5:00 AM Apr 27, 2011
Mills Creek Golf Course will host an Andrew Dunn Memorial Golf Scramble on May 7 to raise money for the Dunn family.
9:19 PM Apr 26, 2011
Want to know exactly how much a proposed levy or tax will cost your family? The Huron County auditor's new online levy calculator can tell you.
6:34 PM Apr 26, 2011
(UPDATE WITH FULL REPORT) The familiar lyrics of a Christian hymn took on a haunting meaning Thursday inside St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oak Harbor:
4:22 PM Apr 26, 2011
Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs was met inside the door of Cleveland's training facility by a smiling security director, an unsigned letter from the team - and an awkward feeling.
4:13 PM Apr 26, 2011

Before Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman nominated for vice president as a Democrat, or Sarah Palin, the GOP veep nominee in 2008, there was Marie Brehm.

4:01 PM Apr 26, 2011
Q: Given the shooting death of Officer Dunn, why hasn't the city commission hired more officers for two-man patrol cars at peak hours? - Greg on Jackson Street
1:32 PM Apr 26, 2011
Just in case you missed Monday's meeting, you can watch it here at
12:41 PM Apr 26, 2011
The sale of Automotive Components Holdings - one of the largest remaining factories in the Sandusky area - is closer to becoming a reality.
11:39 AM Apr 26, 2011