Two capital murder trials scheduled for 2013 could cost local taxpayers up to $600,000.
2:01 PM Jan 16, 2013
The Ohio Board of Education has approved the state's first policy on how educators seclude and physically restrain students in schools, a measure meant to ensure those tactics aren't used for a child's punishment or for the convenience of frustrated staff.
1:01 PM Jan 16, 2013

This week on the NorthNW blog, local birders report seeing plenty of gull action along Lake Erie in Erie County.

11:09 AM Jan 16, 2013
How bad is this flu season, exactly? Look to the children.
9:01 AM Jan 16, 2013
The Mid-America Boat Show returns this week to the IX Center at Cleveland Hopkins Center, with exhibits from dozens of Erie County and Ottawa County businesses.
8:03 AM Jan 16, 2013
The first rule of drinking on a diet is: Don't. Surely you've heard that Americans get way too many calories — and nutritionally empty calories at that — from alcohol.
6:55 AM Jan 16, 2013
The Ohio Department of Transportation is replacing its old traffic information website with one where drivers can see real-time updates about road closures and other delays.
6:02 AM Jan 16, 2013
Robert Wheeler, 55, is a man who lives a dual existence.
5:02 AM Jan 16, 2013

Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo is the guest at 1 p.m. Wednesday on “Between the Lines Live’ at 

4:25 AM Jan 16, 2013
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created a new loan program to help small farmers, including growers who want to take advantage of the soaring interest in locally produced food.
8:03 PM Jan 15, 2013
Gov. John Kasich said Monday that his upcoming education bill will give school districts the ability to design programs that pay bonuses to teachers for high student performance.
6:01 PM Jan 15, 2013
This Thursday Mekong is celebrating the official arrival of all 101 beers available at the restaurant with a party, and you're invited.
5:50 PM Jan 15, 2013