Winner of Intuit competition will get its own 30-second Super Bowl ad
1:00 PM Jul 31, 2013

Over the past year, one of the most popular technologies to be designed and launched from the United Kingdom is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard — Raspberry Pi.

10:54 AM Jul 31, 2013
Sales picking up, but company cuts full-year sales target because of persistent problems ramping up production
9:00 AM Jul 31, 2013
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Sandusky Police


July 29, 2013

8:40 p.m. — 800 block W. Washington St., clerk told customer her coupon was “no good,” so woman grabbed cigars from counter, threw a dime at clerk and ran out. 

7:00 AM Jul 31, 2013
Come Thursday at midnight, Minnesota and Rhode Island will recognize marriages of those who legally wed in other states
6:00 AM Jul 31, 2013
Special report four-part series starts today in the Sandusky Register
5:59 AM Jul 31, 2013
At least two injured in crash at Rye Beach and Cleveland roads
9:32 PM Jul 30, 2013
Man in back of cruiser suffers minor head injuries
8:56 PM Jul 30, 2013
Two taken to hospital following crash at U.S. 250 and Strub Road
8:51 PM Jul 30, 2013
Propane canisters rain down after explosions at Blue Rhino facility
8:00 PM Jul 30, 2013
Pfc. Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy, his most serious charge
6:00 PM Jul 30, 2013

The interesting part of working in the hazardous waste field is the need to solve mysteries. Often, the environmental scientist arrives on a site years after the people who put the waste on the site have left.

3:00 PM Jul 30, 2013
Florida man accused of abusing 1-year-old boy, implicated in up to four other crimes
1:11 PM Jul 30, 2013