Utility overcharged for renewable energy purchased on the alternative energy market
9:00 AM Aug 8, 2013
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Sandusky Police


August 6, 2013

7:00 AM Aug 8, 2013
Home where Ariel Castro held three women destroyed
6:00 AM Aug 8, 2013
I spent 10 days earlier this summer doing two of my favorite things- sleeping in a tent and yoga. There were a lot of other favorite things included in those 10 days like walking everywhere barefoot, eating tasty organic food, rain on my tent top, lullaby choruses of tree frogs calling (and bull...
5:30 AM Aug 8, 2013
The Kremlin voiced disappointment today with Obama's decision to cancel his Moscow summit with Putin, but said it remains ready to cooperate with the U.S. on bilateral and international issues.
8:00 PM Aug 7, 2013
This year the film festival includes showings of "Madagascar", "The Great and Powerful Oz" and "SkyFall".
6:40 PM Aug 7, 2013
Ticketholders are hoping to win tonight's Powerball drawing, estimated at $425 million so far.
6:00 PM Aug 7, 2013
Wednesday nights are fast and furious in Norwalk. Some are not so fast and others are not so furious.
5:36 PM Aug 7, 2013
Ariel Castro's house to be demolished Wednesday
1:00 PM Aug 7, 2013
Ohio (7) tops Miami (16) in this year's party rankings
12:00 PM Aug 7, 2013
Storms with wind gusts, large hail could be possible.
11:41 AM Aug 7, 2013
The 2013 Ohio Senior Hall of Fame Golf Championship went down-to-the-wire Tuesday at Plum Brook Country Club.
11:30 AM Aug 7, 2013
Things are going pretty good, I have to say. The first month of the challenge is over and I'm even more excited for the second month. As I am losing weight, going to the gym becomes more and more fun. ike I said before, years ago I loved being in the gym. After gaining the weight, your feet and...
11:21 AM Aug 7, 2013

We’re venturing into the dog days of summer, which signifies that school is kicking back up in a couple of weeks. This is usually the time when students are looking for the latest technology to help them succeed in the upcoming school year.

11:12 AM Aug 7, 2013