It's the conspiracy theory that won't go away. And it's forcing Republican officials and presidential contenders to pick sides: Do they think Barack Obama was born outside the United States and disqualified to be president?
7:07 AM Apr 23, 2011
Erie County voters had faith in their parks and senior citizen services in November.
5:07 AM Apr 23, 2011
A Huron man has been indicted on child pornography charges as the result of a months-long investigation.
12:10 AM Apr 23, 2011
Ohio environmental groups are asking state legislators to declare a stance on the proposal to drill for oil and gas in state parks.
11:09 AM Apr 22, 2011
With gas prices above $4 in some states, Americans are canceling spring break plans and rethinking summer vacation, and some tourist destinations are offering gas vouchers of as much as $50 to talk people out of giving up and staying home.
10:18 AM Apr 22, 2011
Cedar Point officials racing to complete WindSeeker have a new deadline.
10:15 AM Apr 22, 2011
By 2020, every state may have bans on smoking in restaurants, bars and the workplace, federal health officials predicted Thursday, based on the current pace of adopting anti-smoking laws.
9:08 AM Apr 22, 2011
Another resident in the Newberry Avenue neighborhood has reported seeing a strange man lurking in the area.
7:07 AM Apr 22, 2011
Some cars come fully loaded with all the fixings -- heated seats, satellite radio, chrome trim.
5:07 AM Apr 22, 2011
A jury found a Fremont man guilty of attempted murder in the firebombing of a Hayes Avenue home and could be sentenced to 93 years behind bars.
12:11 AM Apr 22, 2011
A tornado blew through a rural section of Ottawa County early Wednesday morning. But no one knew about it. Not even the National Weather Service, which did not issue a tornado watch or warning for the area.
1:55 PM Apr 21, 2011
The ax has fallen at Berlin-Milan Schools. Nineteen people have lost their jobs, effective July 1.
12:21 PM Apr 21, 2011

I recently read Ty Roth's "So Shelly," a novel that's set in Sandusky. (The city is slightly fictionalized as "Ogontz," but it's clear where the setting is.) Roth is a local teacher.

10:32 AM Apr 21, 2011