Denying he ran an Amish cult, the 67-year-old ringleader of hair- and beard-cutting attacks on fellow members of his faith in Ohio was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison, while family members convicted of carrying out his orders got one to seven years.
6:08 AM Feb 10, 2013
A campaign to spur international business in Toledo has brought Sandusky to the attention of Chinese businessmen.
5:24 AM Feb 10, 2013

Excerpt from editorial Viewpoint in today's Sunday Register:  A suggestion by Erie County commissioners on Thursday that the city of Sandusky consider moving its City Hall operations to the County Administration Building at Columbus Avenue and Washington Row includes an offer to donate c

4:45 AM Feb 10, 2013
The worst of the flu season appears to be over.
3:36 PM Feb 9, 2013
Everyone deserves the right to an attorney — even if they can't afford one.
1:12 PM Feb 9, 2013
Once largely united in resisting the Obama administration's new health care overhaul, a growing number of Republican governors are now buying into parts of the system as the financial realities of their states' medical costs begin to counterbalance the fierce election politics of the issue.
11:09 AM Feb 9, 2013
Marblehead residents who spot rescue crews on icy Lake Erie this morning shouldn't be alarmed — it's just a test.
8:02 AM Feb 9, 2013
As the Northeast braces for its largest winter storm in more than a year, airlines are already employing a strategy that has served them well in recent years: Cancel flights early and keep planes and crews — and passengers — away from snowed-in airports.
6:05 AM Feb 9, 2013
Results from the autopsy of a 3-month-old boy showed no signs of criminal wrongdoing, according to Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick.
5:01 AM Feb 9, 2013
Ohio's public colleges and universities would see a slight budget increase under a new agreement that encourages more collaboration and emphasizes student graduation over enrollment.
8:28 PM Feb 8, 2013
You can call it a snowstorm of historic proportions. You can call it the return of New England's blizzard of 1978. You can call it simply dangerous. And you can even call it Nemo.
6:04 PM Feb 8, 2013