There have been nine heroin arrests in Perkins Township this month and officers are finding more syringes - commonly used to inject the drug - during unrelated investigations, police said.
10:51 AM Aug 23, 2012
A 400-acre family farm in Oak Harbor is a prime example of how new federal funding can help grow improved water quality for Lake Erie, environmentalists say.
10:37 AM Aug 23, 2012
U.S. health officials reported Wednesday three times the usual number of West Nile cases for this time of year and one expert called it "one of the largest" outbreaks since the virus appeared in this country in 1999.
10:00 AM Aug 23, 2012
Even the righteous can't rush the rules in the house of law.
9:00 AM Aug 23, 2012
Three days before Christmas 2010, a Michigan inmate got a remarkable gift: Gov. Jennifer Granholm said she would commute his life sentence for first-degree murder, ensuring his release after two decades in prison for setting up a robbery that led to the fatal stabbing of a co-worker.
6:00 AM Aug 23, 2012
Columbus officials say 10 of the 14 firefighters carrying city-issued guns were not certified by the state to do so.
8:00 PM Aug 22, 2012
Sandusky police are hunting for the pyromaniac who made short work of two American flags Monday morning.
7:14 PM Aug 22, 2012
Nowhere is as much money being spent on a Senate race this year as in Ohio, where liberal Democrat Sherrod Brown is seeking a second term, his fate to some degree dependent on how well President Barack Obama does in the state's tossup presidential contest.
5:00 PM Aug 22, 2012
Police arrested a drunken driver who bled from his face Saturday at Tyler and Campbell streets.
3:00 PM Aug 22, 2012