City manager Nicole Ard fired a department head for allegedly deceiving colleagues and showing dishonesty when buying sand from his brother’s company.
2:06 PM Feb 13, 2013
Furloughs for civilian Air Force employees could cost Ohio's economy more than $111 million through September, according to military documents obtained by a newspaper.
1:05 PM Feb 13, 2013

This week on the Sandusky History blog we learn about George J. Lehrer, an Abraham Lincoln impersonator who also produced a Sandusky High School play "Every Man."


11:09 AM Feb 13, 2013
Police say they know who pulled the trigger in January shooting near the 500 block of W. Perkins Ave.
10:03 AM Feb 13, 2013
This weekend's Top Five picks has something for everyone, whether you're enjoying Valentine's Day weekend with a special someone or not. We've got music, art, food and more.
10:00 AM Feb 13, 2013
The original Emancipation Proclamation, a document that changed the lives of countless African-Americans during the Civil War, is on display in Nashville as the fragile historical document makes its only stop in the Southeast on a 150th anniversary tour.
9:03 AM Feb 13, 2013
Hey coaster fans — Mark your calendars for June 9.
8:07 AM Feb 13, 2013
  Q: What are antioxidants and free radicals and why are they so important? A: Free radical molecules are created when molecules are oxidized.  Antioxidants stop free radicals, or oxidants, from traveling through your body and ravaging your cells.  To better understand this idea, think about how...
6:17 AM Feb 13, 2013
If think you may have high blood pressure, consult your doctor. He or she can work with you to develop a plan of treatment.
6:05 AM Feb 13, 2013
Marijuana may be coming out of the black market in Colorado and Washington state, but the drug, at least for now, will retain a decidedly underground feel: Users may not know what's in it.
6:02 AM Feb 13, 2013

Scott Miller, the city worker fired by city manager Nicole Ard for alleged "dishonesty" after 21 years with the city with an unblemished record, thinks he got a raw deal.

He did, in my opinion.

5:42 AM Feb 13, 2013
They say he bare-knuckle boxed in box cars.
5:10 AM Feb 13, 2013
Hundreds of schools in the nation's largest cities are sitting empty as education officials struggle to sell these potentially valuable properties that are a drain on school district finances, according to a study released Monday.
8:18 PM Feb 12, 2013