The federal government’s shutdown this week caused a ripple effect at area venues, including a national landmark, a park popular with bird watchers and a world-class scientific testing facility.
8:55 AM Oct 2, 2013
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7:24 AM Oct 2, 2013


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Sandusky Police


September 30, 2013


7:00 AM Oct 2, 2013
The half moon pose. A definite favorite of mine used to tone the legs and open the chest. I also find it calming because it takes focus and practice to continuously hold this pose.    1. Stand in tadasana and move into trikonasana or triangle.  2. Bend the front knee while coming onto the...
6:30 AM Oct 2, 2013
Emergency appeal failed to raise $7 million by Sept. 30
6:00 AM Oct 2, 2013
The cold weather brings with it illness, and this increases due to being in close quarters more often. People who are sick still may want to continue activity or participate in sports. The general consensus guideline has been that if symptoms are above the neck you may engage in activity at a lower...
5:55 AM Oct 2, 2013
Guest on ‘Dr. Phil’ refuses to meet with state investigators
5:13 AM Oct 2, 2013
Group restores Port Clinton lighthouse.
11:40 PM Oct 1, 2013
Vigil in Vermilion for victims of drug and alcohol abuse.
8:24 PM Oct 1, 2013
Prison officials said they expect to announce a new lethal injection drug by Friday after the supply of pentobarbital expired Monday.
8:00 PM Oct 1, 2013
An appeals court recently affirmed a lower court’s decision that the Bellevue school board was justified in firing its superintendent in 2009 for alleged sexual harassment of employees.
7:02 PM Oct 1, 2013
Normally a summer hangout, East Harbor State Park has morphed into a Halloween Campout, to be enjoyed by all ages.
6:50 PM Oct 1, 2013
The first government shutdown in 17 years took hold today in ways large and small.
6:00 PM Oct 1, 2013
Perkins and Clyde meet Friday in a big Sandusky Bay Conference football battle.
5:30 PM Oct 1, 2013
Two jailed after separate incidents.
3:45 PM Oct 1, 2013