Springsteen's help 'would serve an even larger cause — exposing a fundamental breakdown in the American justice system, a system which allows local authorities to control, without restraint, meting out justice, or refusing to do so, within its borders.'
7:05 AM May 17, 2013

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Sandusky Police


7:00 AM May 17, 2013
Discovery of three missing for almost a decade gives hope to others.
6:00 AM May 17, 2013
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5:30 AM May 17, 2013
Baileys join forces
5:00 AM May 17, 2013
Suspect in Erie County jail without bond; infant flown to hospital
1:09 AM May 17, 2013
Randall Ross being transferred to prison hospital.
5:30 PM May 16, 2013
Jury hears emotional testimony as it ponders death penalty
5:00 PM May 16, 2013

Hey, come around this blog often? I could always use a friend along for the ride. We are taking a bit of a side trip from the business district out into the countryside.

3:00 PM May 16, 2013
City changes zoning hoping to spur manufacturing.
2:30 PM May 16, 2013

OK, I didn't know who Kevin Williamson was until today, either. But see if you agree that he's America's new hero.

1:37 PM May 16, 2013
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1:30 PM May 16, 2013
$15 entry fee is now due by May 20.
12:10 PM May 16, 2013
Kidsfest and Museum Day happening in the downtown district and across the region all day.
11:00 AM May 16, 2013

Great results are coming in fast and furious these days, so I decided to tell the tale of two recent cases we’ve had. First is the matter of Mr. Hackett, a Vietnam War veteran, who first came into our office on April 5.

10:55 AM May 16, 2013